Obama sends 1,500 troops to Iraq

Nearly doubles the number of troops

Washington (CNN) – President Barack Obama is sending up 1,500 more soldiers to Iraq to train Iraqi and Kurdish forces to fight ISIS, in a deployment that would bring the total number of American troops there to 2,900.

The White House said in a statement that it will also ask Congress for another $5.6 billion to fund the fight against ISIS. The troops will not have a combat role, and will operate from bases outside Baghdad and Erbil.

To date, Anbar province and Taji district have been considered as two likely locations for operations centers outside of Baghdad and Erbil. CNN reported last week that the military was preparing plans to deploy U.S. advisers to Anbar, much of which is under the control of ISIS.


drip, drip, drip…

Here we go again. The Navy is looking for Reservists to fill ton of positions at CENTCOM Headquarters in Tampa. Maybe there’s something going on. After spending 20 days at US Fleet Forces as a main PowerPoint builder, I’d say no to any job at CENTCOM, US Fleet Forces, Pentagon, etc.

Just send me to the field.

People did say we needed ground troops in Iraq, that aerial attacks were not enough.

I wonder if its a little too late doh.

I don’t want Obama sending anything to anyone anywhere! I am hoping the troops can get home from Africa without contacting Ebola! The curtain was lifted on his stage when he gave his post election about “stuff” and how much he liked campaigning because he enjoys travel, meeting people and the special attention he receives with warm fuzzies!

About time. “People did say we needed ground troops in Iraq, instead of aerial attacks…”, would be more like it!

Horrible idea.

Also, the president is requesting $1.6 billion from congress to cover the new mission in Iraq.

Mission creep!

Call up the draft and see how popular this idea will be ?


Reminds me of Vietnam

My thoughts exactly !


Well, he’s now just 7100 short of the level he would have had if he had wanted a status of forces agreement with Maliki. But he’s gaining on the number and already has a status of forces agreement with the Shia that rule Baghdad with Iran.

On the other hand, he’s still 18,000 short of the number the military advised would be needed to have prevented the ISIS tragedy entirely.

So, he’ll quit for awhile. I guess Iran is not interested in his offer to lend the USAF to Iran as mercenaries if Iran would provide the sloggers. So he’ll have to think it out some more, and see how this plays in the polls.

Hillary Clinton is due to go warlike, if she hasn’t already, and if the polls support it. She supported the Iraq War before she was against it, so she is probably watching the polls on this too, to see whether being warlike at this point is popular or unpopular.

I don’t know what Clinton would do. But I would tend to think she would be much more aggressive than Obama.

If the polls tell her it’s a winner, she’ll be a tiger. If not, she won’t be.

Not enough troops to do anything. Just get a bunch of the Military killed. Anything to make them look bad. Functioning as a President proper is against this guy’s ideals. But he’s a poll watcher. No leadership.


Days ago, UK decided to send troops over as well. It looks similar. I don’t think I see a number in this article but heard about it.


Aggressive to prove that a woman can be tough, or do the right thing ?

My guess is the former.

Pray to God that she never becomes president.


Call up the draft and see how popular this idea will be ?


Airstrikes will not stop ISIS. This has nothing to do with the draft.

The difference is this isn’t Saddam. Either we stop ISIS or they will just keep expanding.

Let me guess: All the guards and officers at Guantanamo. :rolleyes:

:nope: – call this satire “Beyond Obama”. Even he has not “gone here” … yet.

I wonder. Will they have guns? Or just complicated instruction manuals?

Of course it has nothing currently to do with the draft.

However, escalate this to a point where a draft is required and popular support will fall through the floor.

In fact, had a draft been required to invade Iraq in 2003, popular support would never have come about.


Boy this world is a mess!

Advisory teams are not the job you want… Unless you enjoy banging your head against the wall… That’s coming from experience.

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