Obama stakes final 2 years on climate change



< Two weeks ago, Obama watched his prospects for realizing his goals on education, wages and immigration all but evaporate as voters handed his party a stinging rebuke in the midterms, putting Republicans in full control of Congress for the remainder of his presidency. But on a trip last week to Asia and Australia, Obama sought — and found — fruitful opportunities to make a lasting difference on global warming.

In China, traditionally a U.S. adversary on environmental issues, Obama set an ambitious new target for cutting future U.S. emissions as part of a landmark deal in which China will also rein in pollution. In Australia, he pledged $3 billion to help poorer nations address changing temperatures while prodding Australia’s prime minister to stop questioning the science of climate change.

“We’re showing there’s no excuse for other nations not to come together,” Obama said in Brisbane, where he also pressed the issue with leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies.

The emphasis on climate isn’t all by choice.

Although Obama has long sought to rally action against climate change, White House aides say the issue has become even more attractive after the election because it’s one where Obama has considerable leverage to act without Congress. Foreign policy is largely the domain of presidents, and at home, Obama has aggressively used his regulatory power to curb greenhouse gas emissions over fierce objections from Republicans and the energy industry. >


A new version of Chicken Little. Now it is the King who is running around saying the sky is falling


Yeah, an agreement with China. About that, in return for the US committing to damaging their economy starting right now, the Chinese agreed to have their emissions peak in 2030, then they’ll start reducing them, and it will be enforced how?


“…Under the agreement, the United States would cut its 2005 level of carbon emissions by 26-28% before the year 2025. China would peak its carbon emissions by 2030 and will also aim to get 20% of its energy from zero-carbon emission sources by the same year”


Anything to stop them (and us) from burning more coal. Mercury levels in fish are already pretty insane.


The climate has changed more than he supposed.


What happened to that Democratic turnout machine?


Obama will make it as difficult as he can for his successors to reverse the damage he has done and will do to Americans and the American economy. A Repub president might undo most of it, a Dem president will not.


So the cure for that is to ban coal in the U.S. that actually tries to curb emissions while encouraging it in China which does not? That is twice as insane.


Obama may be evil, but he isn’t a dummy. He knows that the whole issue exists so that the gullible will support more Big Brother control over their lives. And the Grubers, Clintons and Obamas of the world love playing Big Brother. :slight_smile:


The claim used to be that the world is getting hotter. Now that it’s consistently cold, it shifted to being about weather “extremes.” But the Ice Age was extreme and wasn’t caused by humans.


IMO you are making too much sense for the audience that most needs to hear this to ever understand you.


In Australia many found Obama insulting as a guest, chiding us on internal political decisions on climate; goading the Prime Minister, his host, to put money into a climate fund which Australia will not do.
The science certainly isn’t settled. An official complaint was sent by our government to the US delegation for Obama’s comments at a University address his hosts went out of their way to arrange at his behest. The man was seen as an arrogant bore by many in the Australian Press.
Climate change is not seen as a real issue by anyone outside the left-wing press. Obama’s agreement with China was recognised as a deal allowing China to do nothing for sixteen years whilst Obama boasted that he had powers under his executive orders to ignore congress and bring his agreement into fruition despite the democratically elected Congress.
Australians are not fools and can see the building of nuclear reactors as China’s plan for future energy needs. The Green movement will be not be delighted with this moratorium on any necessary action so freely given by the US, whilst these reactors are built.
It will be interesting to see the President bring forth his agenda solely using Executive orders.


Actually, his team is kinda stupid at picking winners and executing.
If he wants to build his legacy, CAGW is the very last torch one should carry. He’ll never do what really matters, like have a sane energy policy that shows significant investment in nuclear, plus shifting fed $ towards R&D and away from subsidies for yuppies to install home solar.


The Chinese agreed to something that was already going to happen and happen naturally. Emerging countries see their emissions peak a few decades after they begin emerging. China is only agreeing to abide by something they don’t have to do a thing about. And in return, the US continues to hamper its economy and make manufacturing in this country even harder to maintain.


Current weather patterns in much of the US at present, will make Mr Obama look rather silly if he jumps on the global warming bandwagon.


Cunning and deceitful behavior is not an example of having an above average intellectual capability - criminals are an example. Obama’s attributes have been exposed to the cold light of day. His shell game no longer has three shells to play with so he is going to bank everything on “climate change”. Talk about being "Grubered!

Merciful Lord, please help Americans be repentant and overcome evil!


Only to people who think the US is the world, instead of just 7% of the world. The cold arctic air that has been blanketing the US for the past few weeks is from the arctic. We always knew arctic air was cold. There is no surprise there. But due to typhoon Nuri in the Pacific, the jet stream has been redirected to give us that arctic air - air that would have just stayed up in the arctic or blown somewhere else. This weather event is of no consequence either for or against global warming. You want warm? Move to Anchorage, Alaska. It’s 37 degrees F there today. And Reykjavik, Iceland, is 48 degrees. The “cold snap” is not global.


And its 66 in Galveston today-It was 48 yesterday so based on my computer model it will be 84 tomorrow I will spontaneously combust by about the middle of next week.


Try telling the people in Buffalo about global warming.


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