Obama Stuck At 45 Percent Against Romney, Perry

As Obama’s re-election campaign surveys the landscape of the GOP race, a majority of voters believe Obama does not deserve to be re-elected, according to the poll. Forty-two percent say the president deserves to be re-elected, while 51 percent say he does not.

But Perry trails Obama narrowly, with the president capturing 45 percent of the vote to Perry’s 42 percent. And for the new Republican frontrunner, Perry’s ratings among all voters are tepid: Just 22 percent of voters say they have a favorable opinion of Perry, while 23 percent have an unfavorable opinion. A majority, 55 percent, haven’t heard enough about him to form an opinion.

Romney ties Obama in a general-election matchup, with each garnering 45 percent. Last month, Obama led Romney by six points.


I voted yes. I’m not saying he WILL win against Obama, but he is our best candidate.

I think Americans are seeing that the big government approach to solving economic woes are not working. People are definitely worried about the deficit and the huge debt we have accumulated.

I just pray that Perry does not fight dirty.

I doubt that any small businessman in the country will cast a vote for Il Duce, because he’s crippling business right now. Once he is removed (and hopefully a passelful of roadblocking Democrats and Republicans along with him), business can start to grow again and the economy will pick up.

But not with that man in office----it will not happen. So if you want four more years of stagnation and massive unemployment coupled with high taxes, vote for Obama.

The economy will remain where it is if Perry, Romney, or Obama are reelected. It will continue to worsen. These are systematic problems that reflect a rotten culture and won’t be fixed with quick bills or accounting gimmicks like Bush and Obama have done.

All of the candidates are “system” people who are more concerned with defending the current arrangement of power than actually pursuing truth or getting back to the virtue that this country once pursued (not the same as possessing).

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