Obama teaches about parenthood?

Has anyone seen the commercials with Pres. Obama talking about what it takes to be a Dad and how we should interact with our kids? Funny thing coming from a guy who believes in killing babies.:mad: As i wrote this my wife pointed out this article as well. Any thoughts?


Fact, it is important for fathers to interact with our children.
Fact, Pres. Obama interacts with his daughters.
Fact, he did not have a dad in his life.
He learned the importance of the first fact the hard way.

I don’t agree with him on many levels including his stance on abortion but as far as the here and now as a father, he has that part as right as any human can.

So, let us pray that he changes his mind about abortion and come to recognize that a man is a father from the time he helped a woman create a baby, ie from the time his sperm and her ovum met up!

Brenda V.

I agree with everything you said in your post.

Fact: He sees children born as he was a mistake to be corrected with abortion.

What an incredibly reprehensible thing to say! And you consider yourself to be a Christian?! Such a comment brings shame upon us all.

That may be true (is true actually) it doesn’t change the fact that right now with his daughters he is a pretty good daddy. Pray that he sees the incongruity of his thoughts on this. Pray also that his daughters find the truth that a baby in-utero is indeed a human being and deserving of life and not death!

To think that I would be defending this man who I can not even stand to listen to or watch when he gives speeches! I find the text of his speeches on-line and read them because just looking at him makes me sick. That still does not change the fact that he is there for his daughters when many men are not, can we at least give him this much and see that perhaps that is the way we can change his ming about abortion?

Brenda V.

Dale, that is exactly what I thought about President Obama when he said that if one of his Daughters made a “mistake,” he didn’t want her “punished” with a baby. Yes indeed, he said those words.:frowning:

Its one thing to be angry with someone, and to think bad thoughts about them. Its quite another thing to publicly wish someone dead.

Dale actually no one here is saying Obama should die or be dead they are only transferring what he said about the what if of one of his daughter’s becoming pregnant to his own conception circumstances. He did indeed say it but that doesn’t mean he isn’t as good a daddy as is possible - I can guarantee every man on the forums who is a daddy has a failing (just like every mother does) we are not perfect although we strive for perfection.

Brenda V.

Being a father is a lot more than buying clothes and shoes and an elite education. Being a father is also inculcating a proper moral sense in one’s children. Does anyone really think Obama’s daughters are never going to hear that he said that? Of course they will and, being his daughters, will more likely than not adopt his morals from him in that respect. And, knowing how he sees it all, will they perhaps consider the possibility that a sibling they were never able to know was perhaps killed by their mother and that their father was okay with it? And what meaning will that knowledge have for them? Will they think it was cruel and horrible if, indeed, it happened, or will they think “well, it must be okay then”.

Things like that might not seem so murderous in the abstract. But when it is one’s child who was killed, or one’s brother or sister, one would have to insulate oneself (I would think) from the conscientious revulsion one’s very humanity would demand that one have.

But then, I have never understood how any parents who support abortion can possibly explain it to their children without damaging them in the process. Surely there are followup questions, at least mental ones, like “Did Mom ever have an abortion?” “Did I have a brother; a sister, and was he or she killed by Mom and Dad, and if so, why?”

Thank you Ridgerunner! That was exactly the point. How can we as parents, especially if in the public eye, say one thing to the public and live another in front of our children. Obama, in the public forum, is a good father; his publicist has made sure of that. But how can he/will he explain his actions to his own children? It is easy to look at the public “image” that we ae sold and be tempted into defending him. We cannot, however, forget or deny that he upholds the ideals of abortion.

My immediate thought was his comment about not wanting his daughter to be punished with a BABY. :mad:

I would love to hear his answer as to when his daughters became a viable life? I certainly hope that if his daughters pose that question to him, he does not respond by saying its above his pay grade to make that determination.

When I heard that…I thought the very same thing. People’s opinions are so easily swayed when they hear stuff like this. More reasons to pray:(

Well, if they both grow up to adhere to his apparent ideas of marriage, they’ll both be in lesbian relationships, and he won’t have to worry about them being punished with babies, now, will he?

So we agree that Obama was wrong in wishing death upon a possible grandchild of his.

Really? You think a father announcing to world that he thinks children are punishment and if not born under the correct circumstances should be aborted is being a good father? The standard is set pretty low…

Actually Barry said it, if you don’t like his views send him a letter on how he brings shame upon all Americans.

I am saying that he is far from perfect just like you and me. I can guarantee that there are things you do as a daddy that are wrong but that doesn’t make you a bad daddy so if we can use this small spark of goodness in this man to see if his hardened heart about abortion and what marriage means can be changed then lets do it.

Have you seen any of the footage of him with his daughters? Have you ever heard how his voice softens when he talks of them? I say we use this to change him, pray that this obvious love he has for them as a daddy can show him how wrong he is about abortion and marriage (and other things but those are the two that are the biggest).

Now, having not seen the commercial being referenced I can not even say much about that. You know the message may be spot on and for some men, coming from the President of the United States may be just what they need to hear!

Brenda V.

I am torn on this issue.

On the one hand, I do think it is great that someone who is admired by many of the less fortunate in our society will get up there and encourage responsible parenting. We all know there is a large segment of society who needs to hear that message, constantly.

But on the other hand, the president openly states that he views a baby resulting from an unintended pregnancy as a “punishment”, and he also openly criticizes the concept of the traditional family.

To me, we can’t have it both ways. Either we commit ourselves to our children, to valuing them as human beings and to raising them to meet their best potential, and we do that by a ) not killing them before they are even born and b ) providing them with a safe, stable and secure home life; or we view them as throwaways as babies and shunt them aside as older children, secondary to our own desires.

Whatever good is in his first message is, to me, overshadowed by the great evils in all his other messages about children and family.

And that is a terrible shame. I pray for the day to come quickly when this country has a president who has some level of credibility on these most basic of issues.

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