Obama teaches about parenthood?

I’m sorry but advocating the death of his grandchildren is a deal breaker for me. Not a lot you can put on the other end of scale to balance it out. You don’t have to be “perfect” to be a good dad, but a good first step is a little respect for life.

If advocating responsible parenting includes calling children a punishment to be avoided with an abortion what exactly is an irresponsible parent? Is that an example that we hope others emulate? You would have thought his own mother would be an example for him for advocate to others to emulate – but that lesson was lost along the way.

You ask if I’ve seen him with his children - I haven’t other than staged photo ops - have you?

Hmm, can’t tell whether they were staged or not and unless he is a really good actor I doubt that some of the love that emanates from him for them is anything but genuine (could be that I want to see some good in everyone too).

Now, as I recall his mother was married when she got pregnant with him and the dad was with her for a short time after that so of course he isn’t going to connect his statements to that - or maybe he sees how rough he had it when he was little and he attributes that to the fact that maybe he shouldn’t have been born (I know people who think that, it is awful when you hear them say such things). IE no one should be born into the circumstances I was, never mind that I am now the President of the United States and the circumstances of my birth did not change how I got here.

You are right that his view of an unwanted pregnancy is a big thing, a very big thing. It was one of the reasons I didn’t vote for him. I will even concede that this might be enough for him to not be a good spokesperson for being a daddy.

So can we agree that we need to pray for a change of heart for him? I do see that there is love in his heart it just needs to expand to include the unborn and the elderly and the sick and the handicapped.

Truly the person who needs to be out there making commercials about being responsible dads is Bill Cosby!

Brenda V.

Here we are in this thread so many posts long and not a link to the commercial itself. Is there one? I tried a google and couldn’'t find one so, if someone could come up with a link, please post it, I would like to see it.

Brenda V.

I’ve only seen the commercial on TV. If I see it on line, or somebody else does, post it. Sorry, for a while it was one of those commercials that you just couldn’t escape–it was on all the time on every channel–mostly cable now that I think of it. Sorry.

i agree and i think this is why he works so hard to be worthy and feel like he wasn’t a mistake.

Work hard?

meaning he would like to receive as many titles, awards, nominations, prizes, etc. as possible during his lifetime. like bill clinton - to leave a legacy in spite of the circumstances of their births.

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