Obama to cut medical benefits for active, retired military, not union workes

"In an effort to cut defense spending, the Obama Administration plans to cut health benefits for active duty and retired military personnel and their families while not touching the benefits enjoyed by unionized civilian defense workers.
The move, congressional aides suggested, is to force those individuals into Obamacare, Bill Gertz reported at the Washington Beacon…"

Don’t blame me, I voted for the guy who wants his own planet! :rolleyes:

I bet we’re going to see MORE of this happening!

edit: this article is from February…is it still legit?

You’re right, I should have checked the date. Someone just sent it to me on Facebook. But it is sill a sad thank you to our veterans.

Yes, and it’s from that eminently unbiased source…The Examiner. Strange that we haven’t heard any screams from anyone else…including Fox.


Well, as many military votes as possible are disqualified, anyway. This may all come to be known as the “*November *surprise”

I must point out that you are attacking the messenger and not the message. Let’s try to focus on this mysterious and massive law, since you and I are in its crosshairs. For just this once, try to disregard political party, will ya/’? Or, are democrats infallible and, like HAL9000, incapable of error?


I have seen what the modern army has become. If you ask me - the soldiers should riot.

Pay the soldiers more - pay for their health care - stop treating them like dirt - stop with the macho attitude. Worry about the soldiers more than the army and maybe the world will stop hating us.

I swear they don’t care how many suicides occur.

Umm… the President can’t interfere with the benefits that were negotiated in a collective agreement. Very sad about the military benefits, of course, but the union employees benefits are irrelevant.

It is Obama & Co. that do not care abort our Miltary, not the country or most of the people in it. :thumbsup:

zab----It was an even sadder thank you when he advocated eliminating continued care for veterans who had sustained service-related injuries or conditions. But, hey! Roughly half of the voters approve of his actions!

I think this is where we get it wrong. It’s not that roughly half of all voters approve of his actionS. It’s that roughly half the voters elected him on only one or two issues and didn’t consider all the other crazy, socialist stuff he wants to do.

The biggest problem with voters in this country, IMHO, is that they have SUCH a narrow focus. They see one, maybe two issues and vote for someone based on those only. Then down the road they start screaming about what their guy is doing, only to realize that it was part of the package deal they voted for.

Makes me smack myself in the forehead sometimes, I swear. :doh2:

And I have to say one more thing about benefits for our military - and again, this is my very humble opinion -

I think if any member of the military has been in combat - I mean actually in a firefight, etc. - in defense of our country, they should never have to pay taxes again. “No greater love…” That alone should qualify them for that privilege. And if they’ve been injured, they should be able to have medical care for that injury as long as it’s needed at ANY MEDICAL FACILITY OF THEIR CHOOSING. Enough of the VA hospitals, too. Get rid of those and let our soldiers receive their care at any hospital. It would probably be cheaper in the long run anyway, rather than maintaining separate hospitals.

OK, now pardon me while I carefully step down off of my soapbox… :blush:


are you suggesting we should care about people?

That is just anti-american.

I tell you this with certainty - the soldiers should riot. I am not joking.

You have no idea how bad they are actually screwing soldiers over in todays army. Why do you think you are supposed to donate to the families of poor soldiers? LOL. That is why it is best I am not in the military - I would have been a serious problem… The drill sergeants recognized that I would have been a real asset and even had officers trying to convince me not to get med’d out. They have no idea about the other side of it - how big of a problem I would have been (of course I am talking state-side I would never put lives at risk OS! That’s even if they drafted me. The second we get back to the states though everything would be fair game it is messed up in today’s army.)…

I would list every last vile thing they are doing to our soldiers but I don’t have all night.

This figures, remember that budget battle where the budget was held up from paying men in uniform overseas just for the Democrat’s pet Planned Parenthood?

Obama is no friend of the working man but a friend of Big Labor and other special interests.

As much as I dislike the President, this sort of thing has to come from the House. And they are typically pretty unanimous on not touching veterans and active benefits.

I’d be skeptical, but with Obama, a push for this would not surprise me either.

Way too hard to prove. Plus, there are plenty of military personal who have never fired a bullet once in their military career but they still suffer from PTSD.

I’m in the Air Force and so is my husband. One of my Sgts suffers from PTSD as a result of working on a base that was bomb almost on a nightly basis in Afghanistan. He never saw a firefight once during his deployment.

My husband works with the predator drone missions. He hasn’t been deployed but still has nightmares about what he has seen and done during those missions.

I dislike the way the military is being handled. I’m doing one tour and that is it.

…yeah…and he can’t prohibit the free exercise of religion, so no worries…what?..uh oh, maybe they should start worrying.:rolleyes:
(While I appreciate the concept, the rule of law has taken a back seat to governmental will. If the constitution isn’t safe, employment law can be changed retroactively in a heartbeat.)

What I’m saying is that linking cuts to veteran benefits and no cuts to private union employees is inflammatory and superfluous. The first is bad, the second has no bearing on the first. Apples and oranges.

This country is strange. Voters who’s guy lost are not going to give it up, but will sit silent while the president’s political opposition in congress work to discredit him while they sink the country, just so they can say they are right…and this issue of questionable morality was ignored by voters including many Catholics.

I don’t vote for wolves to run the country.

So I don’t vote :shrug:

Everyone tells me to vote. I tell everyone they should protest the vote one year and tell the rich people we need a decent option or we are not voting.

The odds of that happening? 0

Why? “Indoctrination” in school.

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