Obama to raise minimum wage for some federal workers


Of course, it is not clear if any federal contract workers actually make less than $10 an hour. So this is likely to be more show than anything else.



$17.2 trillion in debt in counting.

Keep that up and a 1150% wage increase won’t matter much.


will he pay the female workers at the White House the same as males? There are reports that he does NOT pay them the same amount as males.


Actually, a lot do. Janitors, food service people. A bunch really. The real impact will be that, since this is an across the board mandate, the costs of contracts will go up if government wants to maintain the same level of services. Naturally, the contractor companies doing the work won’t take a hit on profits (in my experience on PSS work, a built in percentage on the contract under 6%, pretty sure that’s part of the FAR somewhere but not really my area). So the cost of doing these contracts will simply go up or the government will reduce the FTE count they want.

So, there’s the .gov’s choices
(1) Pay more for contracts for the same level of support (and thus increase corporate profits).
(2) Reduce these services

I’ll bet $1 it’ll be Choice (1), mostly because it’ll actually increase profits for the coporations, many of which happily employ retired government supervisors and such. Sure, it’ll cause government budgets to go up but we can always just tax you people more. Nobody in DC cares about you people anyway, and in many cases they find you annoying.

I’m sure there will also be an associated regulatory compliance cost (always is) but the taxpayers will end up paying for that too.

I’m also sure the junior enlisted guys at DoD bases will find it amusing the guy mopping a floor is making more than he does. It’ll probably get funnier right before that solider gets deployed to Afghanistan.


This also might apply to people supplying the government as well, like those who make uniforms or food or whatever. Not sure about procurement. If it is, well, the taxpayers will just end up paying more for that too.


Hm. Maybe the Pentagon needs to find its missing 8.5 trillion. Could make a dent in that number.



A big game of Clue! The Great Pretender is going to use his pen and his phone to issue his decree - all future minimum wage federal contract workers under future contracts (whew!) will receive a higher wage over $10.00 per hour. Uh huh. All those who don’t have a clue should tune in and believe, please believe, believe, it shall be done. The pen and the phone can make all the farmyard excrement promises he can dream up but the outcome will be the same. The taxpayer pays the bill, and pays, and pays. Game over; clues have solved it.


Barack Obama’s mission in life is to bring the Marxist agenda to America and everything he does is a means to that end. Admitting that publicly, however would be a political liability and that’s the sneaky thing about it. That is called “Subversion”. That’s just what Fidel Castro did to Cuba in the 1960’s. Taking the Oath of Office swearing to uphold the Constitution and then knowingly undermining it is impeachable, if you can prove it. Hillery is a part of the same concerted effort. They are a tag team working to run the American Constitution right through the Oval Office shredder…! After Hillery will be Andrew Coumo’s turn to build on it…


Your forecast in chillier than the weather we are having! Pray it isn’t so!


Pretty easy when you don’t have a budget to meet, stockholders to answer to, a business to run etc. Why $10? Why not $20? After all, it’s someone else’s money anyway.



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