Obama to relieve McChrystal of command

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama has decided to relieve Gen. Stanley McChrystal of his command over all U.S. military forces in Afghanistan, sources tell NBC News…


Sources can say all kinds of things.

I am waiting for the official word.

There are many pros and cons of this action. Very interesting discussion on Fox News.

The official word is given. Gen. McChrystal has resigned after being relieved of command after a 20 minute meeting with President Obama according to NBC News.

Its likely his support staff will also face retribution according to NBC News.

It’ll be quite a news day at the Networks and News Channels.


OK, now I believe it.

McChrystal is out.

Thomas, Obama is speaking at the moment.:stuck_out_tongue:

Great, the purges have begun. Next we can assign Democratic Party Commissars to every military company in order to promote political correctness and fight against any hint of Trotskyist-fascist collaborationism.

Any US President would have, and should have, done the same.

Stop the inflammatory rhetoric.

Shockers everyone.

I agree.

Obama made the right decision.

Hey, suppose a Ronald Reagan was president. Wouldn’t he want the Army to be rid of Trotskyite-fascist collaborators? :frowning:

I trust you said the same (replacing ‘Democratic’ with ‘Republican’ of course) when Pres. Bush booted/marginalized military officers who criticized him? That would only be fair.

Look at Truman and Macarthur. The rightwing hated Truman, but Truman did the right thing to fire Macarthur. If the CiC can’t trust you, you have to go.

It is one of the worst things you can do, to publicly criticize your commander.

As much as I dislike the President, this was the only choice he could make.

General McChrystal should have resigned his post before being relieved by the president, IMHO.


Was there really any choice here? Resignation was getting off easy.

If President Obama didn’t fire him he would appear weak. The President needed to fire him—let’s face it the General opened mouth; insert both boots.

There were officers I disagreed with and I would speak to them about it but once the order is given you bite the bullet and charge the hill. The disagreement was between me and my Commander the Troops would never hear about it.

My goodness this is the CIC and one of his top Commanders! I agree with the President on this one.

Doesnt it just pain you to have to say that? You agree with the President?

It sure did hurt me when I said it…


No it doesn’t pain me when the President does the right thing; it pains me when he does the wrong thing.

I bet he doesn’t feel my pain either? :smiley:

You don’t run the military with politics. The only thing that makes any difference is whether the general was accomplishing his mission objectives. If he was, then keep him. If not, then after an appropriate amount of time sack him. Every aspect of life does not have to be politicized.

I’m not saying what the general did was prudent. It was obviously imprudent. But if Obama sacks everybody who doesn’t tow the political line, he’s going to end up with a bunch of incompetent yes-men.

So back where he started, then?:slight_smile:

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