Obama to Sign Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Tuesday, Will "Keep Word" on Order

Washington, DC – Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius announced this morning that President Barack Obama will sign the pro-abortion health care bill into law on Tuesday. She also pledged Obama would “keep his word” on signing an executive order purporting to ban abortion funding.


NARAL need only to contest the executive order in court, to have it nullified.

Interesting how the supporters of this bill and their gofers in the mainstream media have for months told everyone willing to listen that pro-lifers were either misinformed or lying to make political hay out of the inclusion of federal abortion-funding loopholes in this bill; yet, now we are told that the President, in order to sway the pro-life democrats into voting for it, promised to issue an executive order stripping those non-existant provisions from the final version passed. :bigyikes:

I am reminded of the hysterical, apoplectic monotony of the political left over their charges that our former President “lied” about WMD’s in Iraq while summarily dismissing the caveat that intelligence agencies around the world and at home, as well as Saddam Hussein himself, all assured us that they were there before the majority of those same leftists voted to authorize the use of force in Iraq.

Okay. Tell me then, you principled leftists and lovers of life and peace, who’s lying now?

Further, why should we trust anything that elected officials----in an allegedly-representative democracy---- tell us when we are also being told that despite a majority of voters being in opposition to this bill; months of debate and clarification; hours worth of speeches and policy-wonking; and, primetime interviews and press conferences by the President in more abundance than lobbyists in DC, we are just too ignorant to understand what is good for us and that, given a few more months to explain our misgivings and misunderstandings away (the ones we didn’t catch in over a year of wrangling and verbiage) we will finally see the wisdom of our shepherdic, benevolent and wise leaders in voting against the wishes of their contituencies?

Oh, and remember the then President-elect’s promise to “…fundamentally change the United States of America?” Why are we now being told that, despite being “historic” and “remedial” this bill in no way fundamentally changes the United States of America?

Once again for those of us simply too obtuse to cut through the “fog of division” perpetrated by “astroturf-opposition” since the great uniter entered into office…who’s lying now? :whistle:

You are correct. This government lies in order to grab more power.

…strange, I just visited the websites of NARAL and NOW and they’re all whining about how this doesn’t cover abortion. Is there a problem with the media here?

I rest my case

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