Obama Townhall on ABC


Anyone watching this Townhall on ABC with the President?

So thankful to have a president capable of these conversations like what’s happening right now in this townhall. Powerful, real, humane, and so thoughtful.

He ain’t perfect, but man I’m gonna miss him.


I am not watching it. It is interesting how Obama is speaking on ABC though. ABC is owned by Disney. The event is being simulcast on the other Disney networks of ESPN and Freeform. It appears that Disney has connections with the Obama Administration. Disney CEO Bob Iger was an Obama donor during his campaigns. Maybe Disney promotes government propaganda through its media. They both share liberalism in common these days.


Not even interested in watching it? You’re opinion doesn’t matter to me, because you aren’t even open to the important conversation.


I am interested in how it is on Disney networks.


If another news media or outlet besides DIsney had done this, who would you have liked?

Fox? That is as biased as biased can be


Well, all I know is that ABC is one of the big networks. Deal with it.


I watched it. It is such a hard topic to discuss but he did a really good job. I give him major props for trying to get this conversation started. He’s such a good man.




Its not on FREEFORM or Disney channel.


Obama’s advocacy for the violent abortion of unborn children forever taints his legacy.


I’m sorry… But I have an issue with a president who purposely tries to force nuns to pay for contraception and abortion. I have an issue with a president who removed the “safe but rare” phrase in the Democrats platform regarding abortion.

I also have a major issue with the fact that he has NOT once defended our police, but defends Islam left and right. Most cops are good men, but Obama’s refusal to defend them lead to Dallas.

And let me be clear… I stupidly voted for him twice. Something I now deeply regret.


maybe he should have done it 8 years ago. he is a little late now. he is worried about his legacy now after dividing the country for 8 years. I wasn’t interested in watching him and I won’t miss him.




Yes, because we were a united country when he took office. :shrug: That’s why hardly 5 months into his administration groups were holding rallies accusing him of setting up “death panels” to kill their grandmothers, because we were such a united country. That’s why Eric Cantor announced the day after he was elected that Republicans would do everything they could to make his administration fail, because they were such uniters.

The truth is, he inherited a deeply divided country. And from the very start, almost every thing he did that the Right disagreed with (which was almost everything) was characterized not as “wrong” but as “unAmerican” or “Islamist” or “socialistic” or “Marxist”. The political Right is 90% responsible for the division we have today.


the country as a whole was better off before Obama no ifs, ands or buts!


Well said!



Tell it to the millions of people who were out of work then and who now have jobs. And even if the country is worse off now, that doesn’t mean it was Obama’s fault. Despite what your side seems to think, Obama is not a dictator. He has been obstructed every step of the way.


Obama has acted like a dictator these past 8 years.


actions speak louder than words. Check his actual record and then tell me what a good president he has been. He has mismanaged at every turn, undermined the safety and well being of all of us with his constant world wide apologies, trying to implement his signature “health care” plan by forcing abortifacients down the throats of Catholics everywhere, using his pen to make up laws and ordering the DOJ to ignore good laws put in place to protect our nations sovereignty. He is little more than a puppet doing the bidding of George Soros.


Exactly. Well said.

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