Obama: U.S. military to provide equipment, resources to battle Ebola epidemic in Africa


President Obama said Sunday that the U.S. military will begin aiding what has been a chaotic and ineffective response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, arguing that it represents a serious national security concern.

The move is a significant ramp up in the U.S. response and comes as the already-strained military is likely to be called upon further to address militant threats in the Middle East. The decision to involve the military in providing equipment and other assistance for international health workers in Africa comes after mounting calls from some unlikely groups — most prominently the international medical group Doctors Without Borders — demonstrating to the White House the urgency of the issue.

The epidemic, which has killed at least 2,100 people in five African countries, is unlikely to spread to the United States in the short term, Obama said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” But if the United States and other countries do not send needed equipment, public health workers and other supplies to the region, that situation could change and the virus could mutate to become more transmissible, he said.

“And then it could be a serious danger to the United States,” Obama said.

“We’re going to have to get U.S. military assets just to set up, for example, isolation units and equipment there,” he said, “to provide security for public health workers surging from around the world.”



Why does it take so long for us to respond to these emergencies?

Just like with ISIS. No one wants to deal with it.

We haven’t learned much from our mistakes.


I still don’t like the “passed by bodily fluids” lingo. I believe its true its not airborne. However, just like with HIV or Hep-C “passed by bodily fluids” should create anxiety. We don’t know as much as we are led to believe with “the transmission of bodily fluids” and connection between how absolute this is, as opposed to how contagious the virus is opposed to its routes, along with other aspects.

The “passed by bodily fluids” term is minimizing this issue imho.


Read the source, transmission and possible route’s to see how little we do know.


The death toll in the worst Ebola outbreak in history has climbed to at least 2,296 in West Africa wapo.st/1uHtv7C


Let’s see…The vector for the world-wide flu pandemic, “Spanish Flu” that killed Jacinta and Francisco, was a military base in the middle of Kansas, Fort Riley (between Junction City and Manhattan, Kansas). So let’s get the military involved in EBOLA? God help us. Nothing spreads disease better than armies. But no “boots on the ground” to stop the beheading of Christians? God protect us.


And they are saying it is about to get worse.


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