Obama vs Romney, who are you voting for and why?

I myself am still undecided on who to vote for this upcoming election. It be great if you fellow forumers could share your thoughts.

And please, if on purpose, try not to add any lies or false statements on your replies.
I just want the hard truth on why you support your guy.
Thanks a lot!

I will not be voting. I’ll be praying instead.

I will be voting for Romney. If you are somewhat familiar with our doctrinal teachings and what we support, along with the current political issues, then you would vote for Romney. Also, his VP will be Paul Ryan, a practicing Catholic! :slight_smile:

It is not enough to say that we will pray for the elections, we must also use our right to vote to fight for what is right.
To find out more go to catholicvote.org, you will find all the info you need there!

You’re going to get a lot more Romney supporters because the vast majority on this forum are political conservatives.

But I’m voting for Obama: Wow there are so many reasons it’s not even close for me. Here are several but not an exhaustive list.

If we don’t change the House of Representaives, I want a check and balance to the Tea Party and much of what today’s Republican Party stands for.

Obama finally got something done on healthcare. The sick with pre existing conditions before Obamacare could be denied health care coverage. And too many people in the richest nation on earth have gone without adequate healthcare because they do not have employer health care coverage or do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. This has always been a disgrace to me when other industrialized countries have been able to provide their citizens with universal healthcare and the richest on nation has failed miserably at doing so. Obamacare is not perfect. I’d have preferred single payer or a public option. But is better than the status quo.

I totally reject the Paul Ryan budget which was supported by nearly every Republican. I want Paul Ryan nowhere near the White House. Like Sister Simone of the Catholic faith and the other nuns on the bus, I will not sit back and do nothing to try to stop such severe cuts to programs affecting the poor. I completely reject a philosophy that it is moral to cut food stamps, to cut healthcare and programs like Headstart. While the Republicans increase defense spending and refuse to even come to the table if it means asking the wealthiest among us to pay a little more in the form of a tax rate increase. I will not stand aside while the Republicans try to balance the budget on the backs of the poor and the middle class without asking more sacrifice from the rich. I also oppose the Medicare plan Ryan had in his budget.

Obama inherited the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Look up how many jobs per month we were losing before he took office. We’ve been gaining jobs for many months under Obama. No one claims we are where we need to be but the economy is turning around compared to where it was and I’m willing to give it more time.

The auto industry is alive.

The Iraq war is over. And Obama has a plan in place to bring troops home from Afghanistan. While Romney did not even mention Afghanistan in his convention speech. The expense of these 2 wars has been tremendous. And I fear the same neo cons who advised George W Bush advise Romney.

I’m glad because of President Obama children of immigrants, young people who know our country as their home and who pledge alliegance to the same flag I do, today are not living in fear of deportation.

Osama Bin Laden was found under the direction of this Commander in Chief.

There’s more but that’s quite a number of my reasons.

I completely agree with you, CMatt, concerning your reasons for voting for Obama; but be prepared for the conservative onslaught. I would also add that I might have considered voting for a candidate such as Huntsman if he were running, whereas Romney is so fickle and non-specific in his economic and social views, it’s hard to know what exactly he would do if elected. Moreover, his foreign-policy ideas, or lack thereof, are even more frightening than his domestic proposals. Nonetheless, if Romney should win the election, I would wish him all the best as President for the sake of the country.

You’re going to need a news link per Forum rules.

Catholic teaching says not to vote for those that support intrinsic evils such as homosexual marriage, abortion and embryonic stem cell research. Obama supports all of the above and he supports the religious liberty infringing HHS mandate which has 29 lawsuits, many from the Catholic dioceses and institutions. Bishops have also spoken of the problems with the Obama health care law which has lack of conscience protection and allows federal funds to pay for abortion among other issues

This, basically.

while people are attracked to Obama, he’s been a terrible leader in Washington.

Those who doubt should listen to this Larry King interview with an open mind, and hear what is shared about Obama’s leadership skills…

**Larry King Now **hulu.com/watch/400941

We need someone who doesn’t burn bridges or swear saying, we have the votes

So I guess using this rationale we can’t vote for Romney either because of his blasphemy and heretical beliefs. I’m with the others saying they will set this one out.

Supporting the lesser of two evils is still supporting evil!

Protecting and saving the most vulnerable is not a bumper sticker to me–it is an absolute.

Protecting traditional marriage is not a bumper sticker to me–it is an absolute.

Protecting religious freedoms is not a bumber sticker to me–it is an absolute.

There is only one candidate (Romney) who wants to do all three, and will do all three if given the opportunity.

Romney, but I won’t like it. I’m only voting for him because Gary Johnson won’t win.

While not fond of Romney, I see Obama as a game changer in the American Experiment with his attempt to repress religious liberty, which was part of the reason for our founding. Also, I would never vote for someone who seems to have the abortion industry as an arm of his administration.

It’s an easy decision, Romney does not attack religious liberty, Romney has a stellar economic background, Romney has a strong moral foundation. Obama might as well be a socialist and has disgraceful views on many issues.

I agree with CMatt also, but as Meltzer said, be prepared for the onslaught.

I would like to add that though I am pro life, I have discussed my choice extensively with my pastor and have read the USCCB Faithful Citizenship bulletin, and my personal feeling is that voting for Romney and Ryan and all they stand for would be a serious enough grave evil to sway my vote despite Obama’s pro choice stance. That’s my feeling and my opinion, having read, thought and studied–please don’t attack it and I won’t attack yours.

I won’t attack you or your opinion. I will, however, ask what proportionate reasons have you found in a potential Romney Presidency that is greater than 50,000,000 slaughtered innocents, or greater than the attack on traditional marriage, or the attack on religious freedoms? You seem well studied and reasonable, so please tell us what your proportionate reasons are that would make those three issues fall below yours. :slight_smile:

If God had waited for a perfect person, then He would never get anything done! Over and over again you see God using imperfect people in the Bible for His perfect outcome.

As Edmund Burke said, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do
nothing …”

I am voting for the one who shows respect for the Constitution and my Catholic faith — hint: it’s not Obama.

my guess is democrat=helps the poor and republican=hates the poor?
Or it may just be the healthcare thing, despite the fact that it will punish those who won’t buy health insurance with a TAX/FEE.

I don’t want to vote for either one. But I can’t sit this one out. I am not voting for the one who has a HHS secretary that has forced a “you MUST provide this even if it goes against YOUR Religious liberyty” mandate on Catholic institutions and businesses and who is in the blood stained pockets of planned parenthood, that is for sure.

I am voting third party though I am not yet sure who. Maybe a write in.

What’s that you say? No chance of winning? Thrown away vote?
Not if it expresses my preference and that is what voting is all about.

:thumbsup: Me too!

I believe Obama when he says he is pro-choice. I don’t believe Romney when he says he is pro-life. Since this is the most important issue of the campaign, I have no choice but to vote third party.

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