Obama welcomes Russia progress in Medvedev visit

Obama welcomes Russia progress in Medvedev visit

WASHINGTON (AP)—The Obama administration welcomed Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to the White House on Wednesday and played up warmer relations with the former Cold War adversary, though foreign policy disputes linger.

Out of media view, Medvedev arrived at the White House on a sweltering summer morning for an Oval Office meeting with President Barack Obama and talks with U.S. and Russian officials in the Cabinet Room. The leaders, holding their seventh meeting since Obama took office 17 month ago, then planned to address reporters...

...Conservative critics see Obama as too conciliatory to Russia and say he hasn't resolved disputes over issues such as Moscow's human rights record, missile defense and Moscow's tensions with neighboring Georgia. They charge that by speaking softly on those issues, the United States is compromising its influence among Russia's neighboring countries.

"We are paying a huge price for the reset policy," says Ariel Cohen of the conservative Heritage Foundation......

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Rapprochement with Russia is a lot cheaper than F-22's, I'll give him that, but the U.S. actually needs Russia more than ever to cooperate on issues like Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Iran.

On a side note:

One of my prof's warned me that the political climate in Russia has gotten extremely tense and foreigners like himself are even being restricted from once wide-open official archives because, and there hasn't been talk like this since the depths of the Cold War, "the government is worried about 'how foreigners are interpreting Russian history'."

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