Obama: Why I won't say 'Islamic terrorism'


The President compared using the term to if a Christian were a murderer but claiming their religion in their actions.
“If you had an organization that was going around killing and blowing people up and said, ‘We’re on the vanguard of Christianity.’ As a Christian, I’m not going to let them claim my religion and say, ‘you’re killing for Christ.’ I would say, that’s ridiculous,” Obama said.



He is trying to fit into the shoes of a Muslim? (Not saying that he “is” one, but that he is trying to view it from the viewpoint of a normal Muslim who does not believe in terrorism). :shrug:


For every murder do we want to label the religious affiliation ? The person that murdered those people at an abortion clinic shall we say " a Radical Christian today murdered two people at an abortion clinic one being a police officer "


Except that the religion Christ founded doesn’t tell it’s followers to subdue or kill non-Christians.


No, although sadly many Christians have done so and killed non-Christians and fellow Christians and there are Catholics out there historically (and some of them in recent history) whose crimes and evil deeds are just as foul as any terrorist claiming to be motivated by Islam. Taking one Surah out of context is also a bad means by which to understand Islam. One might as well take the verses where the ancient Israelites are commanded to commit genocide and given permission to engage in mass rape as a means by which to understand Judaism.

That sad I find Obama’s reasoning irksome on the topic. There have been Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist etc. etc. terrorists. Obama is better of biting the bullet instead of trying to approach the matter in this way.


CNN published this in 2013
So what is the Muslim Brotherhood?

The Muslim Brotherhood is a religious and political group founded on the belief that Islam is not simply a religion, but a way of life. It advocates a move away from secularism, and a return to the rules of the Quran as a basis for healthy families, communities, and states.
The movement officially rejects the use of violent means to secure its goals. However, offshoots of the group have been linked to attacks in the past, and critics blame the Brotherhood for sparking troubles elsewhere in the Middle East. Many consider it the forerunner of modern militant Islamism.

While innocence maybe argued over the idea of ‘offshoots’ the fact remains that -

There are branches of the Muslim Brotherhood in countries across the Middle East and North and East Africa, including Sudan, Syria and Saudi Arabia. There is also a branch in the U.S.


St. Paul’s letter to the Philippians says:
“at the name of Jesus every knee should bend, of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”
Now it is a distortion of Christian teaching that this passage authorizes forcefully subduing non-Christians, but you can see how non-Christians without a thorough understanding of Christianity might jump to this conclusion. Similarly, there are passages in the Koran that to a non-Muslim seem to authorize subduing non-Muslims. If we as Christians are the true interpreters of our sacred texts, then it is only fair that Muslims be allowed the privilege of being the interpreters of their sacred texts. And the vast majority of Muslim scholars do not interpret the Koran as directing forcefully subduing the rest of the world.


His analogy only works if he is muslim.

Is he?


First of all, we all know if straight white male TEA PARTY southerners were behind a similar magnitude of violence, there would not be this kind of hair splitting on this issue. It would be getting wall-to-wall 24/7 coverage and on page 1 of every single major newspaper in the West.

The vast majority of Muslims supporting sharia isn’t need for a massive, oppressive Caliphate to pop up. Most Germans weren’t Nazis, and I suspect a lot of Japanese and Italians were also against expansionist policies of their era once they weren’t starving anymore.

It doesn’t take a majority, it just takes enough good men to do nothing, as someone once said. Even America increasingly has that problem as CEO’s and academic administrators jump like foxes over what is said on social media. :rolleyes:


You have got to be kidding.


Did you read what I was responding to? It was this:

Except that the religion Christ founded doesn’t tell it’s followers to subdue or kill non-Christians.

The implication of this comment was that Islam** is** a religion that tells its followers to subdue or kill non-Christians. It was this implication and this implication only that I was disputing.


Unfortunately, the arguments of the violent radical terroristic Moslems are, within their own religion, stronger than those of the moderate Moslems. Not only is it written in their writings, in context, or generally, unlike the OT, but their leader Mohhamed is held up as leading the exemplary Moslem life, and he spent his last 10 years leading Islam all over the Arabian peninsula attacking and taking places over.


If you are not a Muslim, how can you authoritatively state how strong the arguments of violence in their religion is, especially when the vast majority of Muslim scholars disagree with you? As I said originally, if you claim that only Christians can interpret Christian texts, why don’t you allow that only Muslims can interpret Muslim texts? And if you go back to my original post on this subject, you will see I was referring to then NT, not the OT.


Look at who is held as the ideal in Islam and Christianity. We have the saints, they have a pedophilic warlord. Look at how both our religion and Mohammed’s cult spread. We preached, they slaughtered. Look at how both started. Our founder - God Himself - gave up His own life for us. Their founder killed those who opposed his claims.


Let’s face it, while Muslims have killed a great many people, so have Christians. It might not be in the “spirit of Christianity,” but it is sometimes justified using misguided faith (e.g., abortion clinic bombings).


That’s just it. When a Christian kills innocents and claims that it was in the name of God, it is a severe misunderstanding of Christianity. When a “Radical” Muslim kills innocents and claims it was in the name of their god, they are perfectly following the example set by their founder.


If all Moslem scholars now and throughout their history, if their exemplar Mohhamed, had agreed with the current peaceful interpreters, then I’d say you have a point.

As I said originally, if you claim that only Christians can interpret Christian texts, why don’t you allow that only Muslims can interpret Muslim texts?

There are varying levels of interpretation. If I were a non-Christian ruler and saw a Christian army headed towards me, I might investigate Christianity to find out what the religion taught.

In fact, if I were a Non-Christian and a non-Moslem ruler, and one army was coming at me from the east, and the other from the west, I might study (or call in experts who have) both religions, compare them (hmmm, which side says it’s ok to take sex slaves, and which side teaches avoiding harming civilians?), and make an alliance with one to fight against the other.

And if you go back to my original post on this subject, you will see I was referring to then NT, not the OT.

Yes, but people don’t use it because it is so obviously a prophecy and not a command. More often, people use the actual commands in the OT, which were, however, very specific.


Pope Francis and the USCCB’s would agree with President Obama.

Do you disagree with them ?



You are welcome to precisely quote and confirm with quotes the part or parts Pope Francis and the USCCB agree with. Please do more than say ‘Do you disagree with them?’

Even if someone agrees or disagrees…there is always a margin for error here as we communicate on Catholic Answers Forums.
Fortunately Catholics (or anyone) don’t need to worry about prosecution or death for questioning our Faith.


I don’t think Obama is trying to fit the Muslim ‘shoes’ on the audience as much as draw an analogy. I do love analogies but somehow don’t feel this one Obama uses over and over again fits correctly.
Soon I will surface again and explain why this analogy instinctively feels incorrect for what I suspect is a large number of Christians and other religions/religious.

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