Obama won Catholic vote, regular churchgoers chose Romney [CC]

President Barack Obama won a slim majority of votes from self-identified Catholics, according to exit polls conduct by CNN. The polls shows that 50% of voters who identified themselves …


Christians of faith who never attend services makes as much sense as gluttons who fast. What a meaningless throw-in stat.

I don’t see how any Catholic could possibly vote for Obama-- I was never a fan of his but when I heard on the radio about a situation when he was a State Senator there is NO WAY I could even think of voting for him.
Apparently a bill was brought up in their Senate(I think it must have been Illinois a/c I believe he comes from Chicago) that if an abortion didn’t turn out right (the baby was alive) the doctor could try to keep the baby alive – and Obama voted AGAINST the bill – how could he??? – the baby was alive!!! it was a baby!!! Unbelievable!!!

actually, it wasn’t doctor keep the baby alive…it was provide medical care to a baby born alive. Obama voted against it because it went against the original intent to kill the baby. The other bill would have required a 2nd physician to determine if the baby was viable, or something like that. He did not like either

No real Catholic could vote for Obama…soon…very soon…the persecution will begin…THEN the real Catholics will step forward.

=Catholic Press;9989218]President Barack Obama won a slim majority of votes from self-identified Catholics, according to exit polls conduct by CNN. The polls shows that 50% of voters who identified themselves …


They are now in MORTAL SIN as is everyone who voted for ANY Democrat:(

Good law does not come from attempts to use rare and unusual situations to embarrass one’s political opponents. Politicians are not required, even Catholic politicians, to respond positively to every legislative proposal that is in line with Church teaching. You cannot conclude that voting against this means that the politicians think that babies should die. You can only conclude that they think the law is not needed. What did Obama actually say about this?

A fair question. The bill could have been a stunt (packaged with poison pills to force opponents to vote against it). You see pols playing these games all of the time.

I’m stridently pro-life and a Romney voter, but I half suspect the information posted is only part of the story.

That’s not what CAF apologist, Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P. said.

Is it wrong for a Catholic to vote for Obama?

All people have an obligation to inform their consciences regarding the moral choices they make in life. For Catholics to deliberately refuse to inform their consciences with the teachings of the Church or if they deliberately disobey the moral teaching of the Church, they can sin mortally if the choice is a serious one. But if people sincerely follow their consciences, whether their consciences are well informed or through not fault of their own they are not, they do not sin by acting on them.

I doubt that. NARAL did not oppose the bill (bills, there were more than one). Obama, however, did. It is my understanding that the reason he gave was that the bills would impose too great a burden on the abortion doctor.

Oh, there is more to the story. You are right.

The exact same wording came up for vote federally, and the bill passed. But as a state senator, he voted against it … 4 times.

no, put an undue burden on the WOMAN…you know, he’s all about the WOMAN…(vote with your specialty, ladies! not saying what he REALLY SAID)

somewhere there is an audio of his comments during the bill’s reading.

Here is a fact checking article on the Illinois bill, how the President voted, and the accuracy of the claims made:


Sadly, they are Catholics.
Perhaps not faithful, but the Baptism is not conditional on their faith remaining intact.

Without knowing what is going on in their head, it is extremely difficult to determine if any particular sin is mortal or not.

“by their fruits you shall know them.” “Love thy enemy and pray for them that persecute you.” Our Lord is merciful, trust in Him.

“…But no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. With it we bless the Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings who are made in the likeness of God. From the same mouth come blessing and cursing.”

Quoted from, James, Chapter 3


No stunts.
No poison pills.

Just a pro-death vote.

I’m really not surprised by people asserting their Catholicism and at the same time being pro-choice and favoring same-sex marriage. They’re only expressing their own thoughts outside the Catholic Church. Why profess the faith if one has different beliefs? :shrug:


Your source is mistaken.

The source claims:

The anti-Obama claims from Huckabee and Ohden refer to a series of Illinois bills known as the Born Alive Infant Protection acts, which would have defined the term “born alive infant” as “any member of the species homo sapiens” expelled or extracted from his or her mother that exhibits “a beating heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord, or definite movement of voluntary muscles.”

But as can be clearly seen by a brief search of the legislation text for the quotes, the source is wrong.

Here is the text of the bill so you can check for yourself.

Even NARAL did not oppose the bill! Obama did!
Top 10 Reasons Obama Voted Against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

well THIS devout Catholic/Seminary candidate voted for Obama. and yes, i am in Church every sunday, multiple times a week, also praying in front of the Blessed Sacrement, praying my Rosary, saying my Divine Office, etc. yes, i am pro life too. believe it or not, we exist. i voted for him not because of his stances on maintaining the status quo on abortion, but in spite of it, and i voted because of the social issues. I just try to be the best Catholic i can be, and counsel others about moral issues when appropriate. God Bless.

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