Obamacare and its Impact on Doctors: Congress needs to start over and get it right

Don't expect doctors to give the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act a clean bill of health. The act will reinforce the worst features of existing third-party payment arrangements in both the private and public sectors — arrangements that already compromise the professional independence and integrity of the medical profession.

Doctors will find themselves subject to more, not less, government regulation and oversight. Moreover, they will become increasingly dependent on unreliable government reimbursement for medical services. Medicare and Medicaid payment, including irrational government payment updates, are preserved (though shaved) and expanded to larger portions of the population.

The Act creates even more bureaucracies with authority over the kinds of health benefits, medical treatments and procedures that Americans get through public and private health insurance. The new law provides no serious relief for tort liability. Not surprisingly, various surveys reveal deep dissatisfaction and demoralization among medical professionals.

Under the new law, an estimated 18 million of the 34 million who would gain coverage over the next 10 years would be enrolled in Medicaid, a welfare program jointly administered and funded by the federal government and the states.


I have spoken with my Doctors and Surgeons in their offices "off the record."

These Doctors needed to get together and be more visible and vocal-in opposition to the few in white jackets Obama rallied around him at the White House. But they didn't. Sure, it would've taken time away from their practice and family.

But they didn't.

<-Those who watch TV and don't get information from anywhere else are probably thinking Doctors really did back Obama with this monstrosity.

They didn't. But they were busy doing their job. Now they state they won't stay under certain provisions (coming).

Okay. Well. Maybe we can import some more foreign doctors?

Maybe foreign doctors will just come across the Mexican Border and set up practice here-illegally.

I mean, it's such a good deal.

God Bless.
+Jesus, I Trust In You.
Love, Dawn

After the Democrats and Republicans screwed up, they expected what exactly?

My wife is a nurse at an outpatient clinic. She came home from work last night and told me about the office meeting they had discussing the impact of Obamacare. The consensus around the room, including the director of medicine, is that Obamacare will be bad for doctors and patients. Here are a couple of points made:

*]The are considering dropping Medicare and Medicaid patients. The payments take too long to get (90+ days sometimes), are far below the actual cost of providing care, and have excessive processing/paperwork/administrative costs.
*]Apparently Obamacare imposes additional reporting requirements. They estimated they need to hire 2 more people for their office just to handle reporting and compliance. This increases overhead and provides no additional care to patients.
*]They are considering eliminating many services that are already provided at no cost such as interpreters, uninsured well-child checks, and diabetes case management. These would be billed to patients or their insurance.
*]They are considering significant cuts in charity care.
*]They are considering cutting hours of service. For example, open Monday at noon, and closing Saturdays.
The funny thing is, prior to its passage, my wife said nearly every single doctor and nurse in the office was for Obamacare. Once the effects were analyzed by doctors, nurses, compliance officers, and others, the attitude has shifted significantly. Now nearly everyone (except as my wife described it--the Obamanauts) are opposed to the changes.

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