Obamacare Future in Doubt

Thank goodness Trump is going to have a new, big, beautiful healthcare plan for us in just two weeks.


His plan is to let insurance companies do what they want. If they don’t want to cover your health costs, you’re out of luck. Just like before the ACA.


I’m not sure, but does this hold the record for the longest 2 weeks in history?


Everything he does is the biggest and the best. So of course, his two weeks are going to be huge! The biggest and the longest two weeks EVER!


And also “tremendous” and “beautiful”!!! In 4 years he could not create a health plan. He has no plan on how to deal with the epidemic. But let’s not minimize his virtues. He is the best in creating demeaning and vulgar nicknames, especially toward women, who are smarter and stronger than he can ever hope to be. He is the best at kowtowing to despots, the more blood handed, the better.

Three more days! Hopefully!

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