Obamacare may have reduced the nation's divorce rate, study says




Seems like it’s referring to “divorces” on paper.


MAY have…


Sorry, but even it’s remotely true, my stance has been to get the government out of the marriage business altogether.

It and “we the people” just aren’t responsible enough anymore.


If we’re going by what the article says, those “divorces” seem to be only on paper.


I’d have no problem with Obamacare if it wasn’t for the fact it’s 1) Inefficient, 2) forcing me to pay for someone else’s bedroom antics. I recall a few years ago there was a health food dude that said that he was not preventing women from getting abortions or contraceptives, just that he didn’t have to pay for it. Folks were outraged. I don’t understand, the people that were complaining don’t want carciogenics in their food (which I understand), but they want someone to pay for them to help control whether or not they get pregnant (or end said pregnancy). Seems a little hypocritical to me. And,as the title says “may have”. Statistics are just that, statistics. Correlation is not always causation. But we do have peer-reviewed studies affirming these things about contraceptives, I am not so sure we do with regards to Obamacare.


Government regulation seems to have created the problem which needed solving…

That said, Medicaid most definitely still has asset requirements for people receiving care (long term nursing home or in-home). Sometimes assets can be saved for the community spouse, but it takes lawyers and financial planners to up the vehicles. It’s not that expensive, but just one more hurdle most people don’t know about until much of their money is gone.

Thanks for the article


And abortion rates MAY have declined in the eight years Obama was president.


The government doesn’t marry people, the marriage is performed by the couple. The state only recognizes the union as a union.


if he did, it because more people are living together before marriage or avoiding marriage altogether.

My sister is a great example. She and her “significant other” (because I have no idea what to call him) have been living together for eight years, and have two kids. They own a home, etc.

They simply have no plans to marry and apparently if they marry, it will hurt their medical insurance coverage…

It drives me nuts.

However, I believe there are more and more people living in this situation.


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