Obamacare Now Pays for Gender Reassignment



“Ew!” or “OW!”?:eek:


I don’t want to pay for this, and I don’t want the government to recognize it.


This wouldn’t have happened had Obama lost.


But it’s for the “common good”

(What did CAF do with that vomiting smiley?)


I don’t know, but I am glad I don’t have to look at it. :blush:

As for the headline of this thread, it seems to be an overstatement. The article mentions that sex change surgery is kinda-sorta covered, at least in California. But getting expenses covered is difficult and not guaranteed.


Just out of curiosity,

What if we could do a genetic test.

The genetic test returned that the individual is actually, GENETICALLY, the opposite sex. It turns out that there is a mutation on the allele group that deals with the sex hormones that is damaged and that damage/mutation resulted in the fetus developing the wrong sex organs?

Or say the sexual organs are not clear… say maybe both show up at birth and Mom and Dad make the wrong choice, the child is the opposite sex of that chosen by the parents and doctors…

(these are not fly by night links… these are National Institute of Heath and NBC news)

Now, is it ok to pay for the medical procedure?
As a chemist, show me that there is a true medical need because of a genetic abnormality and I’d be hard pressed to deny medical care of almost any nature to correct the situation.
This happens more than we are made aware of… in the past, often such children were placed in asylums (at best) and never mentioned again… parents claiming the child was stillborn. Today, we understand that there is something genetic involved and attempt to work with the situation once discovered.


Headlines like those are the common strategy of those who hate the president…pope Francis gets treated the same way…it just a sign of how screwed up society has become…we no longer just disagree, instead we demonize.


But he didn’t.

It’s time to get over it.


Wow, I didn’t know about this.


I’ll get over it when the liberals get over Bush.


Considering Bush was no conservative, that is hardly an apt comparison.


It wasn’t supposed to be.

I’ll stop saying, “This wouldn’t have happened if Obama had lost.” when liberals stop saying, “This is Bush’s fault.”


Unrestricted abortion on demand, homosexual marriage, forcing Nuns to pay for contraception, US Citizens slaughtered overseas at will-no I wont get over it. I will however say “I told them so”


I don’t think every individual can be easily classified as male or female. Some individual s are born with various combinations of X and Y chromosomes. Surgery may be the best course of action for these people. Psychological counseling may be best for others. Both of these cost money. I don’t think it is reasonable to believe that people can pay these medical bills by going door to door to their neighbors as one GOP congressman suggested.


We should not be paying for surgeries that are basically just mutilations which these surgeries are. Psychological Counseling sounds like it could go either way and I think a lot of those wanting these surgeries would find such counseling revolting.


Are you saying if someone is born with both male and female genitalia then they shouldn’t have that surgically rectified? How would that be mutilation any more than a women having breast reduction surgery?


Path_Finder, I think you misunderstand Flagstone’s position here. Would you take a look at the medical conditions as listed in the articles I linked to? There are sound medical reasons that surgical intervention along with counseling is the better course of treatment.

Now, IMHO, if there is no genetic or other verifiable biological cause, then counseling is the better course of treatment.


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