ObamaCare Repeal Vote, Bill to De-Fund Abortion, Coming Soon

ObamaCare Repeal Vote, Bill to De-Fund Abortion, Coming Soon

Washington, DC – The new Republican chairman of the panel responsible for starting action on repealing the abortion-funding ObamaCare law says a vote will take place soon.


Yep ,I see through the opposing party leaders first move on repealing health care altogether, they are starting off with their favorite wedge issue, abortion.
Personally I think people who choose to kill their babies in the womb should pay the cost for it themselves and I do not believe in the peoples taxes paying for such sin.

I hope they do repeal all funding for abortion. But I will fight against the rest of their efforts to repeal the whole of Health care for our people. Peace , Carlan

I just really hope they replace it something, anything. My company was planning on finally offering my position a group plan, but when the law was suspended by the Virginia judge they cancelled the planned rollout. It would have gone live on Jan 1st otherwise.

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