Obamacare typo costs Vegas family $1.2 million


From the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Mixups on a health plan bought through the state’s insurance exchange have left a Las Vegas family facing more than $1 million in medical bills.

For Kynell and Amber Smith and their five children, the Nevada Health Link has been a six-month nightmare with no end in sight.

“I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to get this resolved,” said Kynell Smith, an aircraft parts salesman. “I have contacted and pleaded with elected officials to help and was told I may have to sue to get this resolved. What kind of answer is that?”


The Smiths are the latest in a line of consumers reporting technical problems with Nevada Health Link, the Xerox-built marketplace through which Nevadans can buy subsidized health insurance to comply with the Affordable Care Act. Las Vegan Larry Basich ran up more than $400,000 in uncovered bills in February after Xerox’s system couldn’t figure out which insurer he signed up with. Basich got coverage in March, after a flurry of media attention.

The board of the state exchange voted in May to drop Xerox and its system, and borrow sign-up functions of the federal Healthcare.gov when open enrollment begins Nov. 15.

When you have over-centralization like this, of course you’re going to end up with problems. Sadly, the consumers are the ones who are invariably punished because of these things.


Mark…its an error…eventually it will be resolved

With all charity intended, what value do you find in never ending, relatively meaningless snippets slanted one way or another against anything vaguely connected (or not) to the left, liberalism, President Obama.

Rather than contributing to the spiritual dialogue on this site, it more often looks (at least to me) as gossip, innuendo, and other examples of bearing false witness, rarely with a suggested alternative to fix everything you see so wrong with our nation, our government, and our world.

I just don’t get it, but I hope you find peace.


I suspect the family involved considers it far more than, casually, an error. It is an uncalled-for interference in the private lives of this couple caused by a president and Congress that chose not to limit its actions to the enumerated powers in the Constitution.



Just a little suggestion since this is the second time you’ve written something directed to me in recent days.

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I would suggest it more appropriate to either opine on what I post, to agree or disagree with what I (or another respondent to the thread) post, or ignore the thread, rather than positing a reason for my posting as I do (presuming it to be for some nefarious, non-spiritual reason…you might review the Catechism’s opinion of “rash judgment” in Article 2478). If you are actually interested in my motivation, I would think it more appropriate to “ask” rather than presume.

Just a suggestion from somebody who’s been doing online discussions since the days of CompuServe and Prodigy.

But feel free to attack again if you’d like. You won’t hurt my feelings. As Father Z recently opined in his America interview: If we are going to descend onto the sands of the arena, we had better buckle it on. .



And thank you for posting this news article.


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