Obama's 'Chicago Way' Plunders the Private Sector

"Obama’s ‘Chicago Way’ Plunders the Private Sector

An interesting thing about Barack Obama is that he chose, on two occasions, to live in Chicago – even though he didn’t grow up there, had no family ties there, never went to school there. "…

Entire commentary here: rasmussenreports.com/public_content/political_commentary/commentary_by_michael_barone/obama_s_chicago_way_plunders_the_private_sector

Also Obama, and Rahm Emanuel - Obama’s White House Chief of Staff - and Hillary Clinton too have studied Saul Alinsky politics. Obama was a Community Organizer.
Saul Alinsky was a neo-marxist who wrote: “Rules for Radicals”. “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism, Alinsky taught. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within. Alinsky viewed revolution as a slow, patient process. The trick was to penetrate existing institutions such as churches, unions and political parties…”

Considering the Blagojevich situation and other scandals that may escalate to indictments and investigations, I wonder if doing things the “Chicago Way” will eventually have Obama joining the others being investigated before he and his cronies can do more damage to this country.

I know people here like to imply that Obama is either a Marxist, Communist, or Socialist or Nazi depending on what day of the week it is but come on.

All 3 of these people are extremely well educated, as well as career politicians. One would think that they are familiar with ALL forms of government and have studied them all.

All that I know is that the Chicago Way has been bad for our state. We need a change in this state this election. Unfortunately, many just expect corruption here and don’t demand change enough. :mad:

“As for the little guys, well, hey, in Chicago we don’t back no losers.As for the little guys, well, hey, in Chicago we don’t back no losers.”

Well he loses all Chicago insider cred right there. I mean seriously, who doesn’t know about Cubs fans? :stuck_out_tongue:

But he does make one serious point that the rest of America failed to consider when electing Obama. Obama made a meteoric rise in Chicagoland politics, especially for an outsider. That simply doesn’t happen in the Chicago Democratic machine unless you completely wallow in the filth.

Illinois politics in general stinks and Chicago is the worst of it. Y’all not from here have NO idea…

I take that back, Cook County is worse than the City itself. Daley may be corrupt, but at least he actually gets some things done for the city as a whole. Cook County government seems solely concerned with personal empire building.

I have never personally used these terms, however it is hard to miss the fact that this president is radically changing this country, just as he promised, and it is not for the better. A good education does not a leader make. Perhaps you favor a large central government, putting its nose into every aspect of your life, and “spreading the wealth”. I don’t. I think many Americans are smart enough to run their own affairs without all that “help”.

Whats even more interesting to me, my Swizzley friend, is that Mr. Obama didn’t attend the memorial at Arlington on Memorial Day because he was keeping a campaign promise- That he would return to Chicago once every 6 weeks. The purpose of this?

And even MORE interesting is that LAST year, he took his vacation on the first day of Ramadan, August 20…

If he goes on vacation August 12, which is the first day of Ramadan this year…IMHO that seals the deal.

Um, there are plenty of factual things to criticize Obama over. Let’s not go back to the secret muslim theory again - please?:frowning:

This is so true.

I live in Illinois, about 80 miles away from Chicago.

I often wish that Chicago could be a separate state from Illinois. Chicago is so very different than the rest of the state (with the exception of Champaign-Urbana, which is similiar to Chicago).

Or I wish that we could just end the pretense (and expense) of a gubernatorial election and just declare what is true–that Mayor Daley is and for many years has been the True Governor of Illinois, just as his father was before him, and his son or daughter will be after him.

As for the corruption–I honestly think a lot of people are afraid to ask for it to end. The Chicago Machine is powerful and can help make a man president or make a man nothing.

There is where I disagree. Springfield is a very conventionally politically screwed up town. Yeah the executive branch is headed in the Chicago direction, but the legislative branch has enough “downstate” representation to fight back when needed. (Yes, you may live along the Wisconsin state line, but the Machine considers you a “downstater.”)

For what it’s worth, I drove into the city today. So much construction that it’s become the city of reroutes. Seriously, though, the city seems to be smarting from the Olympic rejection; hopefully the Blackhawks will take away some of the pain. At least the sports teams bring in a lot of the suburbanites.

Guilt by association? Nonsense. I watched the president’s rise since before he was elected to any office. He was not wallowing in any corruption.

You do have a thing for blanket statements.

Then IL would be Iowa. 40% of IL population is in Cook County.

I seem to remember 16 straight years of one Republican governor, then two more Republican governors, all this right after an anti-Daley Democrat. But Daley is the true governor?

If it were so powerful why were there Republican governors for so long? There are many factions to IL Democrats and no longer a monolithic Daley ‘machine’.

Come to the south side and look around. Its an interesting place.

Great place to visit. So is all of Chicago. :slight_smile:

Beau, refresh me. Has there ever been a Chicago Democrat you wouldn’t defend? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t want to derail the thread, but…

Really? I was not aware of that promise. And, I thought Obama had only returned to Chicago 3-4 times anyway. If I am correct and that is so, then he hasn’t been returning to Chicago every 6 weeks. Would that be another campaign promise he hasn’t kept? :smiley:

Seriously, do you have a source for your info? I don’t think it is correct that Obama has returned to Chicago every 6 weeks since taking office, but I have been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again and am open to correction.

I certainly would have preferred that Obama go to Arlington on Memorial Day. But, there is much he and I do not agree on, so I’m not surprised that he doesn’t agree with my thinking in that decision either.

Now, back to the thread and Chicagoland politics…

Let’s not personalize this, OK?

Folks should remember that there are many factions among Chicago Democrats, hence the rise of the IVI-IPO; the Independent Voters of IL, Independent Precinct Organization. That is the president’s faction, by the way.

If you took it as a personal attack, I apologize. Not all criticisms are attacks and this IS a personal forum (we all have names, right?).

My point was that it distresses me when I see people put so much faith in a political party (either one). Politics is a filthy business and IMO catholics need to make an ongoing effort to remember that political affiliation comes a far distant second to our identity in the faith. Lord knows that isn’t targeted only at you. There are an awful lot of republicans around here who need that reality check as much or more (and I was once one of them).

Chicago, by any reasonable standard is a political corruption cesspool, yet you seem determined to defend every single Democratic policy and politician. Sorry if that’s personal, but it is my observation and it boggles me. Your knowledge of the political scene is enormous and impressive, but would be moreso if you showed a capacity for balanced criticism more often.

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