Obama's defense for Contraception Mandate

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Obama claims that he is innocent, that this is all just a big misunderstanding. Or at least that is what he implies.
He states that charities and employers don’t have to provide contraceptives (ergo the Church or Catholic hospitals), just the health insurance firms that have to provide free contraceptives.
What do you think?
Is he in the clear and this is really just a big misunderstanding or not?

It’s willful omission of the fact that most religious charities are self insured. So no the church as an employer does not have to provide contraception, but at least where I live the three dioceses in the state jointly provide self insurance for all the priest and diocesan staff.

So basically the parishes don’t have to provide it as an employer, but the diocese as an insurer would have to provide it. If the mandate stands they have talked that they would rather drop all health care coverage and take the fine instead of compromise on such a fundamental teaching of the Church. many of our priest and diocesan staff agree with them.

That’s the compromise HHS offered. Catholic institutions won’t have to pay the costs of abc, sterilization, and abortifacient drugs, the insurance companies will pay for it out of the money they save by providing those things.

You know how sometimes an auto dealership will advertise that they will offer a $3000 trade-in on *any *car that can propell itself into the dealership? You know that they are not absorbing that cost, the $2900 they are offering through the trade-in that they cannot re-coup. That money is in the cost of the car you are buying.

Within the HHS compromise, the cost is *still there *in the insurance premium payments; it’s just not *in the contract. *

So Catholic employers would still be paying for immoral things.

Obama is the greatest presidential spin meister of American history-greater than even Richard Nixon! In short, he lies. He even lied to Cardinal (then Archbishop) Dolan’s face about the Obama-care mandate, then tried to deny it. In short, he is one of the most anti-Catholic Presidents in our history. IMHO,any Catholic who votes for him in November, imperils his immortal soul,

I can’t believe this joke, how can they believe their BS

  • If these benefits are so cheap that the insurance companies can afford to absorb the costs, then it’s also a non-issue for women and their partner to pay for contraception

  • If these benefits are not cheap, then the insurance companies must change all their companies a hidden fee to cover this cost. This means Catholic orgs will be charged via slight of hand.

In the talk, potus claimed that half of women had struggled to pay for their contraception. I’d be real curious to know the truth behind that claim.

A web search just showed the generic pill goes for 9-15$ a month. Claiming couples can’t afford that cost is just lying.

Do not trust anything this liberal democratic liar spews. He is not to be trusted at all. We must vote him out of the office then maybe out of this country. What a disaster he has been on this once great country. Vote Catholic, NO OBAMA!

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