Obama's Immigration Lawsuit Doesn't Poll Well

Americans are as divided over President Obama’s immigration lawsuit as they are over the immigration itself.


It seems many governers (Democrats, too) see the issue of the lawsuit against Arizona as “toxic”.
From the NY Times:

“Universally the governors are saying, ‘We’ve got to talk about jobs,’ ” Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee, a Democrat, said in an interview. “And all of a sudden we have immigration going on.”
He added, “It is such a toxic subject, such an important time for Democrats.”

Democrats may hope that the lawsuit solidifies support among Hispanic voters in key congressional districts and states with close Senate and gubernatorial races.

There is something sleazy about politicians who fan the flames of racial paranoia over the issue of illegal immigration in order to solidify the support of an ethnic group.
Identity politics really is the new racism. Racial divides in America are being fostered by the left in order to exploit the ethnic vote.

The gamble that Democrats are taking here is that Hispanics are hot on the issue, while opposition to the lawsuit is only lukewarm among those voters who would otherwise vote for the Democratic platform.

Fanning the flames of racial paranoia by calling opposition to illegal immigration ‘racist’ ensures that the issue remains a hot button topic for Hispanics as a whole.

It is really quite sick, but it is what works for the Democrats.

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