Obama's Media Matters Goon Squad

“The Daily Caller found dozens of pages of e-mails between DOJ Public Affairs Director Tracy Schnakler and Media Matters staffers planning and discussing how to attack reporters who covered scandals such as the Black Panther voter suppression case, and the Fast and Furious scandal where DOJ sold thousands of guns to Mexico’s notorious crime cartels — the truth of which DOJ didn’t want to get out.”


Goon squad is too polite: Josef Goebbels would have been proud.

Either Media Matters or Talking Points Memo I went to a few years ago and they censor a person pretty quick per comments. At least, I think Mother Jones has open debate if one can stomach it. Of course, these days, I go to none of them and Media Matters is basically exposed. I will say once in a great while, I think Mojo may cover something, it’s not just political and the article might actually not be too bad or slanted but this is more in regards to some foreign affairs articles I have read. So, to an extent, I think Mojo is civil but my experience is limited.

I think Media Matters is pretty bad, they had those comments attributed to Limbaugh that were proven fabrications and left them up for some time, maybe they are still up. Media Matters I find loathesome and I don’t really see a counterpart on the Conservative side.

Media Matters = Soros = Say no more.


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