Saint Paul told wives to obey their husbands, but I believe that if a husband wants his wife to commit a sinful act in order to please him, then I don’t believe that wife has to obey him. In my opinion, God’s commandments and laws have precedence over the husband’s wishes in that sort of situation. Do you agree? I believe God must come first, then husband or wife, second. That follows the two great commandments.

No, you don’t need to be obedient. Obedience to husbands will only work if the husbands love their wives as Christ loved the Church. In other words Christ loved the Chuch so much that he wouldn’t have wanted any of its members to commit a small sin. A husband who wants his wife to sin does not want the best for them, in this one case.

Does he know it’s sinful and why? If you don’t want to do something because it’s sinful you should expalin why.

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This is how I understand it - God is always first, before your husband. Anything less is idolatry. You shouldn’t put a mere human in God’s place.

I like the Benedictine definition of obedience. The origin of the word means “to listen.” We are called “to listen” to one another. To act against conscience is to sin.
There is a scripture passage in one of the wisdom books where God warns against giving yourself so fully to another that you sin. While it mentions a man giving himself to his wife, the same can be applied to a woman giving herself to her husband.
I am right now reading the Book of Proverbs as part of a 31 days practice. If I come across the exact scripture passage, I will return to post it.
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