This is old news, but it is possible that it gives a truer criticism of the free enterprise system than the idea that rampant capitalism is causing a disparity that leaves the masses in a state of starvation.

The bigger problem with freedom is probably not too little, but too much.

This I think would include too much choice, where a young man is faced with the choice of whether or not he likes his genitals, or teenagers have a thousand different lifestyle choices to select from when it comes to their sexuality.

Rampant capitalism is the criticism because that is a more edifiying rallying cry than rampant free enterprise. Rampant freedom just sound crass.

But it is really the vast number of choices and the vast amount of resources available to us that exposes us to the problem of excess.

The problem with capitalism is not that it leaves the masses with too little, but contrarily with too much.

If the solution is to limit freedom though, that precludes the possibility of moral choice. Morality is not possible without having choices available to us.





As the link noted, people are not starving all over the world, that’s a BS line to get donations. The central problem is the same for both obesity and malnutrition - people have the resources, but make bad diet decisions.

The fix is better diet education.


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