Obituaries in the News [Elizabeth Clare Prophet died]

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) – Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the spiritual leader of the Church Universal and Triumphant, which gained notoriety in the late 1980s for its followers’ elaborate preparations for nuclear Armageddon, has died. She was 70…

Prophet led the Park County church that once boasted 50,000 members. In the late 1980s, church members amassed assault rifles and armored vehicles in preparation for a nuclear missile strike that Prophet predicted was on the way. The plan brought national notoriety and a federal investigation.

The church’s beliefs combined icons from the world’s major religions, mixing western philosophy and mysticism. Despite her disease, videos and writings of Prophet continued to dominate church teaching, transformed into a New Age publishing enterprise and spiritual university.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of these folks before. Here’s the Wikipedia entry for the church.

Oh,yeah… back in the mid 1980s it seemed her posters where everywhere in Chicago.

And as the news article mentions, the church became infamous as a doomsday cult back around 1990. Then it faded into obscurity.

RIP, Elizabeth. May God receive you with mercy.

That name might not mean anything to some people on the board, but she was an infamous “New Age” guru. Her group Church Universal of Triumph relies on “channeled messages” and is comparable to “The Secret,” Balavatsky, the ‘Sedona sweat lodge’ guy James Ray, and others.

May she rest in peace and in the mercy of God.

I remember a friend in college going to meetings of “Mark Age” that were organized by her and her husband. This was like 1975!

I must have been under a rock because I never heard of her. May the Lord have mercy.

She’s on public access tv around here. She’s been around for quite a while.

I remember her when she was active in Los Angeles. Then her group moved to Montana and prepared themselves for the end of the world. I watched her talk a few times but couldn’t get a handle on the intent of her message. She did repeat the phrase “I am” a lot and it appeared to be a mesh mash of New Age, Christianity, Judaism and perhaps several other philosphies and religions.


The new age guru who is responsible for the injuries and deaths in the sweat lodge is one of her protege. Why will people run after these silly notions instead of just sucking it up and admitting they need salvation? Poor things.

ANYTHING but the Truth.

I think that it stems from the sin of Pride,a refusal to submit to the Truth(with apologies to st Maximilian Kolbe)

It puts me in mind of a couple of quotes by G. K. Chesterton:

The man who refuses to believe in God [right theology about God] will believe in anything.

Christianity hasn’t been tried and been found wanting, it’s been found difficult and left untried.

How apt.I LOVE GKC.

Yes, he’s the best. I don’t think there’s an idea he didn’t explore and get to the bottom of. If only these people had read him instead of these modern gurus and their half-baked spirituality/philosophy.

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