Oblate Sisters of Mary Magdalene


On February 6, 2012, I met with the Chancellor (acting as vicar for religious) to discuss our emerging charism, The Oblate Sisters of Mary Magdalene (OSMM). I had prematurely contacted him three years ago, at which time he gave me suggestions on other possibilities for a woman in my state of life. Frankly, I had already tried them & felt quite defeated, However, I still had the strong feeling to go on. I felt God was calling me to continue my efforts.

The conversation was most beneficial. Fr Corcoran is an intelligent, kind & amiable person. We talked for 90 minutes. He expressed the Chancery’s skepticism & I tried to communicate our calling. I was overzealous & may have been all over the place at times, but he gave me some good thoughts on the direction to success. He said I couldn’t achieve the bishop’s approval at this time, but I explained that wasn’t my reason for the meeting.

I’ve had my nose in canon law for over 15 years now, so I won’t make any mistakes. We have four committed members now, I’ve made my vows of the evangelical counsels to my spiritual director, Fr Reis & we have more commitments coming on July 22, the feast of St. Mary Magdalene. I keep in touch with the bishop’s office, keeping them updated on my/our activities. We have common dress that we wear as often as possible (as we are aspiring to become a secular institute) & if our parish priest allows it, we wear it to mass. No veils in public, but at occasions of community, like retreats, we will be in habit & that does include our veils. Our color is a very dark green & our cross is a Jerusalem cross. Obviously, I cannot go into particulars here, but we have a complete way of life that we all enjoy in our own milieu. Father Shawn did agree to monitor us & declared that it is proper to operate as a private association of the faithful. I am free to tell people about OSMM & ask the Holy Spirit for more sisters.

If you are single, over the age of 45 (although, that isn’t static, because if you are finding difficulty making a fit at any age and our way of life appeals to you, you are free to inquire) and desire to live a consecrated life that is committed to preserving the sanctity of marriage, natural law & life, we just might be that which you seek.

A website is in the offing, as well as a Facebook page, so if you are interested in hearing more & possibly inquiring, you may email me at irisfromohio@gmail.com. Where ever your being called, please do pray for us!


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