Oblate V. Tertiary V. secular order


Is there a difference between these or is it just a name thing ?
iv heard oblate in reference to Benedictines
iv heard seculars in reference to OCDS, and Franciscans sometimes
iv heard tertiary or third order in reference to Dominicans o carm, and sometimes Franciscans-
soooo confused
also their rules, is there really any difference between the rule of say Augustine, and Benedict and i have heard mention of another rule written way back then too but i cant remember it ?


Oblates (usually) mean lay Benedictines which are attached to a particular monastery (ie, they are not part of a national order)

Third Order (which distinguished between 1st Order=priests/brothers; 2nd Order=nuns and 3rd Order=lay members) is the older term for lay Franciscans, Dominicans, Augustinians, etc.

Secular ----- = old Third Order ----- (ie, Franciscan Seculars=Third Order Franciscans)

An aside, of all the Secular Orders, only the Franciscans Seculars (ie, the OFS) has their own Minisiter General (think President) that is independent of the the 1st and 2nd Orders. This Minister is a lay person, in other words. All the other Secular Orders are governed by their respective religious families.

Are you interested in one in particular? :slight_smile:

Rules differ pretty greatly. The Rule of St Benedict (a work of genius) has some similarities with the Rule of St Francis (another work of genius). Franciscan Seculars have their own Rule.


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