Can someone please explain to me what an Oblate is?
Additionally- is anyone a Benedictine Oblate?


past threads on this topic, not each of these is specifically about Benedictines since I just searched on oblate, but also search the vocations forum and the reference threads. also Pete’s thread just after yours

duh it did not copy the first time. look above here for the reference threads as well

yes I am an oblate, contact the monastery closest to you, will come back with website later this morning


I am thinking the Benedictine sisters of the Good Shepherd in Starr County are closest to you, as we have several oblates who come down from SA. There was a men’s house in Corpus Christi but it has closed and the monks have been reassigned.

check links on this site for how to become an oblate, the Benedictine way of life, locations of other monasteries etc.


An Oblate is a person living in the world according to the spirit and the Rule of St. Benedict. You can read about Oblates here: osb.org/obl/index.html The Rule can be found here: osb.org/rb/text/toc.html

There are quite a number of Benedictine Oblates around here, including me. :slight_smile:


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