Oblates of St. Benedict

Are there any Oblates of St. Benedict on this board?

[quote=Sirach14]Are there any Oblates of St. Benedict on this board?

I was thinking of becomming one a few years back, but never lived close enough to a Monastery that had an Oblate group. Right now, my Spiritual Director is a Franciscan and might inquire about the Third Order Franciscans.


I’m not an oblate but obviously I have more than a passing interest in all things benedictine… :slight_smile:

Some links that may be of interest

Order of St Benedict

Order of St Benedict - Oblates Page

Benedictine Books

English Benedictine Congregation

Pluscarden Abbey

Yes I am one. I make my final Oblature this Saturday at Sacred Heart Monastery in Cullman, AL. I started a thread at the water cooler encouraging Benedictine Oblates to come and chat there. This is especially important to me since my monastery does not have monthly meetings. Adn I would like to have some others to talk with on Benedictine and spiritual matters particular to our order. Do a search on Benedictine Oblates and you’ll find at least one other thread whre someone has aksed about oblates and people reponded.

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