I am a recent convert from Anglicanism to Roman Catholicism. I am from an Anglo Catholic tradition and was deeply involved in my Parish in the capacity of Server, Catechist, Sunday School Teacher, Eucharistic Assistant, and Licensed Reader. I crossed the Tiber because of increasing liberalism and the loss of traditional forms in Anglicanism and have now embraced the TLM which I have come to love. In converting I of course lost much, including my Lay Ministry, but have gained a much deeper incite and depth into the faith. Whilst an Anglican I was an Oblate of an Anglican Order in Yorkshire, but have now also lost that since my conversion as they accept only Anglicans. I am looking to deepen my spirituality and realize that at 57 years old I am now barred from any meaningful, or should I say active ministry within the Catholic Church, and am considering looking into the possibility of looking to become an oblate once again within an Catholic community, but find once again that I might be “past it” in the eyes of the Church:( Does anyone know of any communities that would potentially accept an older person ? or indeed have any other suggestions. Thanks :slight_smile:


Not sure where you are located, but if you are referring to Benedictine Oblates, there is no age restriction that I am aware of.

I can link you to the American monasteries list, if that would help. :slight_smile:


Thank you Luigi, Its good of you to respond. I am actually in the UK, and from what I can see they seem to work on a maximum age of around 40, with only a few exceptions. The sites over hear do not seem to have much info on Oblates and what the qualifications might be


Why do you think at 57 you are “barred” from any of the lay ministries in the Church? There are no age restrictions in Canon Law on lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, or the other things that need doing - catechist for religious education, ushers, choir, etc.

Your pastor may have some ideas - talk with him.


Thanks Fizzgrig, So far I have not bothered the Priest as I don’t want to burden him with something that might end up going nowhere. As regards the age thing, I came to the conclusion after looking into what types of ministries might be available, and in almost all cases they don’t seem to want to take on older people, which I guess is reasonable. As for my new Parish it is a Traditional Latin Parish using the E.F. and they don’t have Extraordinary Ministers, and the Catechises is done by the clergy, and not too sure if I would last long in the choir lol


You really should “bother the priest” - it is his job, and his duty to see to the spiritual needs of his congregation. If you haven’t “bothered the priest” how do you know they don’t take on older people - maybe they just haven’t had any older people interested.


I was just starting out by doing a little bit of research on the internet to start with, as I am still finding my way around the Catholic Institutions. I thought if I got a few ideas or possibilities, then when I did come to discuss it, he would see I had done my homework, but so far I hav’nt found much that is positive, but perhaps you are right, maybe tackle it head on :slight_smile: Thanks fore the advice !


Ok, mate. :slight_smile:

Our sites have little info, too. :frowning:


If your looking for a Benedictine Abbey fairly local that is also traditional then Silverstream in Ireland may be of interest for you. I am pretty sure you wont have much trouble with an age limit as they seem to take all sorts.


Brilliant, thanks !! I will take a look :slight_smile:


The Holy Ghost works on attraction.

Here is one UK Vocations site:


See if this attracts you:




Thanks Cloisters will take a look as well :slight_smile:


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