Obligation to attend a Catholic School

Is it a mortal sin to not send children to a Catholic school? I don’t go to one and in an examination of conscience that I was using (which I have been told is actually not very good) it said that it was a mortal sin. But then this confuses me because I know of quite a few Catholic students at my school.

Which of the ten commandments does “not sending your child to Catholic school” violate?

Where in the world did you get this idea from? There are many that can’t afford it to begin with. That is like saying because you’re poor, you will be in mortal sin because you can’t send your children to Catholic Schools. I am always amazed at some of these questions.

It is not a mortal sin to attend a school that is not run by the Catholic Church. This does not mean that you should not learn your faith.

To say nothing of the Catholic schools that have closed in the last couple of decades - even in what were once considered heavily Catholic areas. I would guess that any “examination of conscience” that said something like that would date from - or be stuck in - the 1930’s or 40’s.

So you’ve been told that this examination of conscience isn’t good, but you are still using it? Makes sense…

It would be wonderful if all Catholics could attend Catholic school, but that is not realistic and it is certainly not a sin.

i was happy to send my children to catholic school’ if you can afford to do it go for it

especially pre-K to grade school

We’re obligated as Catholics to ensure our children are raised in the faith. Maybe that’s what that book was referring to? But no, there’s no obligation to send your kid to Catholic school.

Sadly, some Catholic schools nowadays are MORE damaging to faith than public schools, so it would be silly for the Church to require it. If it was between a Catholic school where they are teaching kids that the Church is wrong about it’s teaching, and a public school, I’d choose the public. No reason to spend a fortune when I’ll have to work at correcting what they hear in the classroom anyways. And at least there I wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with “why did Sister Mary say women can be priests someday???” :ouch:

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It’s probably a bad translation from something that indicated that you must educate your children in their faith.

There are places in the world where sending your child to Catholic school would be a good way to do that - for example, here where I live, the Catholic schools are free, and most of them are better than the public schools in academics, discipline, and for the most part, in teaching the faith. The teachers have to be Catholics, and they have to get a letter from their Pastor every year indicating that they attend Sunday Mass and volunteer actively.

Catholic schools are free in Calgary?! Awesome!

To answer the OP, no it is not a mortal sin to not send your kids to a Catholic school. I think that even those who can afford it don’t have a moral obligation to send their kids to a Catholic school. Sending their kid to a Catholic school doesn’t mean their child will be raised well in the faith either. That is not just the school’s job; that is the community’s job and mostly the parent’s/guardian’s job.

The obligation that Catholic parents have is to raise their children in the faith. There have been times and places where the government schools are so anti-Catholic that the local bishop(s) have strongly urged parents to send their children to Catholic schools. This is not a general obligation.

Lots of incomplete replies on this thread, IMO.

Is it a sin (mortal or venial) to not send your children to a Catholic school? It certainly can be. The law of the Church is very precise in this regard, although not very well known.

“Can. 798 Parents are to entrust their children to those schools which provide a Catholic education. If they are unable to do this, they are obliged to take care that suitable Catholic education is provided for their children outside the schools.”

So if parents are able to send kids to a Catholic school (ie there is a Catholic school locally available, it is affordable to the parents, it is a good school), then it most certainly would be sinful to not send your children to that school.

Would it be a mortal sin? This I don’t know. The one instance I would say yes would be if parents explicitly send do not send their kids to the Catholic school for the sole reason that they do not want to pass on their Catholic faith. Of course, ion that case it is really just part of the sinful behavior.
In general, one would have to consult with their confessor to determine the gravity and the culpability of the sin.

Failure to follow Church law would typically fall under the 4th commandment, would it not?
I would be interested to know which commandment the OP’s examination of conscience placed it under.

Unfortunately, in my area, Catholic schools are expensive, and when my children were in school, could not provide the services my son needed. The public school system was excellent, and the teachers went out of their way to get funding from the state for his educational needs, even providing private tutors, and finally mainstreaming him in high school. There was not a “diagnosis” for his problem at that time, so he could not be put in classrooms for learning disabled children, because he did not meet the criteria. I do believe he had some form of ADHD, because my granddaughter has it, and they act very similar and had similar problems. Medication did absolute wonders for her, allowing her to learn to read and focus. However, he managed to get into college and get an associate degree, and now is a very successful career making oodles of money. But he struggled.

But I know for a fact that our parish school could not provide this level of service, although it is a very good school academically. I don’t know if things have changed now or not. That was over 30 years ago.

Anyway, this was no mortal sin, no way, no how.

As pointed out on your last thread, that examination of conscience was from a sedevacantist-type site. If you printed it out, get rid of it. Quit going to that website and consult your priest about this scrupulosity.

The examination of conscience he is speaking of came from a sedevacantist site with very negative comments about the Mass in OF, Vatican ll, etc. As you can see with this and past threads, the agenda on that webpage has robbed him of peace and is causing confusion. He was advised to stay away from that site on his last thread. I pray he does.

I have been in some areas where sending a child to Catholic schools would be a sin…

But in regards to the OP. You think there are people in hell for not sending their children to Catholic schools and that reason alone? Weird.

I home school, Using Seton. Is that Catholic enough for ya?

Archbishop Fulton Sheen said.

‘If you want your children to fight for their faith, send them to public school. If you want them to lose their faith, send them to Catholic school.’ ~Archbishop Fulton Sheen

I would appreciate a reference to that quote. I have asked before on this forum and it has never been forthcoming. If Bishop Sheen made that statement, I would like to know the context. Thanks, in advance.

Edited to add: I am not the only person to doubt the quote: fauxtations.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/fulton-sheen-and-catholic-schools/

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