Obligatory days of mass?

I’ve been sick as anything and so has Hubby…so we haven’t been able to get to mass. We read that Ascension Day was an “obligatory” day of attendance to mass. What if you’re sick, a shut in, can’t get out of your home…etc?

Doesn’t God understand if there are circumstances to why you can’t go to Mass on these days?



Of course He does. It is not a sin to miss Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation when you are too sick to leave home.

Be at peace.

Check your Dioscean website. In many locales this Feast has been transferred (is celebrated) on Sunday instead. (would have been this past Sunday though)

And YES, God doesn’t understand when we are sick. The trick is to truly pray on it, and discern if you really can’t go (due to being contagious) or you just don’t “feel like” going.
Sometimes getting out and attending Mass is just what the body needs. But no, if you are VERY ill, it’s fine to stay home, no sin.
Speak to your pastor if you have concerns though. They will clarify everything for you. People ask them these things all the time. You could even bring it up in the confessional.
God bless you,

God does not ask the impossible, nor does he want you to spread disease at Mass.

The obligation is specifically lifted for sick people, as well as those who will have serious difficulty getting to Mass.


I’m sure you mean that He does :D;)

HAHAHAHA! Glad you caught that!

I am not Catholic and have never understood this concept. Perhaps someone can expalain to me how “obligating” people to go to Chuch somehow helps the cause? It seems to me it would make people think of worship as a chore, and if its a chore they will naturally resent it. Why "obligate " people? Go if you love your god and want to worship. Worship is love, and if you dont want to go you just dont care enough. So leave the church then., its not a job, its not like going to school when youre a child. No truant officer is going to come get you, or are they? Maybe in the days of the Inquistion…

And the master said to the servant, ‘Go out to the highways and hedges, and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled. (Luke 14:24)

The Church is interested in saving as many souls as possible. Due to our fallen human nature, people sometimes need a little extra encouragement to do the right thing, to do what is actually in their best interest. Though it is more of a stick than a carrot, making Sunday Mass attendance obligatory may be all the extra encouragement a person whose faith is wavering needs to get him to go to Mass where great spiritual gifts await.

Carrot and stick

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