Spoke with one of “my” monks. Asked him how we oblates are supposed to sign “official” correspondence. I asked is it

OblOSB or OblSB?

He leaned toward the former or…drumroll… OblOSBcam (“my” monastery is Camaldolese).

I thought that that was pretty cool. :cool:

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

My thought is: what a bozo I am!..I thought you were rolling out a new webcam into religious life! :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
I thought “now this will be cool” So I rushed to click on it.
Imagine my embarrassment. :o
I think you’re a very nice person, btw,. Peace. :slight_smile:

You are not alone… me too! And I agree that the OP is a very nice person! :slight_smile:

Why, thank you!:smiley:


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