Obscure Catholic & Other Miracles

I have recently been researching about miracle claims,and after a brief mentioning of it while researching,I decided to research about a miracle of Catholicism most people would not likely have heard of.As well as other miracles.

The Miracle of the Rock of Our Lady of Las Lajas:

In Columbia,Las Lajas,there is a story about an alleged apparition that happened centuries ago.

It was about a young woman’s child who spotted the Virgin Mary.Fearing that it is a ghost,the woman ran back with the child home.The child however gained interest in the apparition.

The mother and the child would also sometimes wonder about the incident and go back until one day her child walked on it’s own near the cave where the child last saw the lady.

The mother followed the child the next day and both found out it was the Virgin Mary that was appearing there.

Afraid of telling everyone about this huge incident,the mother kept it all secret and confined to her own family.

Eventually her child died and the mother was very sad,and she returned to the grotto where she begged Mary to ask Jesus to heal her son.Mary managed to answer the prayer and intercede.

With this amazing miracle the entire village soon found out about the apparitions.

Soon,people found a rock in the cave that was painted without human hands.

A few centuries later a chappel was built near it and people still pray there.

Here is the information I have gotten:myconsecration.org/about-the-miraculous-image-of-our-lady-of-las-lajas/



Has anyone ever heard of the apparitions in detail?

You can go there in Colombia:)! Information in travel guides, but not more than you already have found. Maybe ask Spanish speaking friend to search in Spanish for you or you could even call the church secretary there in Colombia:)

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