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Do Mormons observe any Holy days, and if so how do they observe them? For example to they have services on Holy Thursday and Good Friday ? I assume they observe Easter and Christmas. Are there special services on Easter and Christmas? Also do Mormon observe any holy days that relevant to Joseph Smith’s visions? For example, when Joseph Smith was visited by Jesus and God and Moroni? Are there any special days sent aside and observed for his visions and if not, why not?

Mormonism isn’t a liturgical church, so they don’t have Holy Days.

They also do not have a service on Christmas unless it falls on a Sunday. (Even then I’m not sure? I don’t recall. ) There is a service on Easter though because obviously it always falls on a Sunday.

It is expected to go to the Temple as often as you can, and to watch General Conference (twice a year-- last weekend was their Spring session).

in Christ

Thanks. I thought they might have a holy day for when Jesus visited the people in South America or something like that. That was a pretty big day!

Steph was quite right in her explanation (thanks, Steph).

One other interesting note is that the LDS hold their General Conference right around April 3-6 because of several significant events they consider important that happened historically at that time in the past, including the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

Also, on April 3, 1836, priesthood keys relating to the gathering of Israel, the sealing power in LDS temples, and the keys held by Elijah the Prophet (whose return to earth some Jews still wait for) were restored to the earth in the Kirtland (Ohio) Temple to the Prophet Joseph Smith. This restoration of these keys is considered of utmost importance in the “restitution of all things” prophesied in the New Testament.

Many mormons in Salt Lake City go to Christmas Mass, especially at our Cathedral.

I had been wondering about the LDS and Easter for a while. My now ex-mo DH and I had a huge arguement early in our marriage over me making a big deal of Easter. He tried to argue that it was a “stupid Hallmark holliday about a rabbit” :eek: !!! I wasn’t sure if he just wasn’t taught about it or if, like usual, he just wasn’t paying attention. :shrug:

When does the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing?
Do they really call it Christmas Mass?
I didn’t think Mormons had Masses. What do they consist of?

We don’t have Masses. She was saying that many Mormons go to Catholic Mass at her Cathedral.

The LDS family I was raised in and my wife’s family both “made a big deal of Easter”, and we have enjoyed doing that with our children. Perhaps he was regretting that so much emphasis is placed on Easter bunnies and Easter eggs and candy, rather than on celebrating the resurrection of Christ. My family was/is OK with letting kids be kids, and enjoying that, as well as teaching about the resurrection.

why would they do that?:confused::confused::confused:

The Cathedral of the Madeleine is a beautiful, historic building in Salt Lake City that is well worth visiting.
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir does sometimes sing music that was composed for Mass assemblies originally.

Yes I have heard them, they are wonderful. But in what capacity do they sing? Just for secular concerts, or do they sing as part of Mormon worship?

Because our sacrament meetings are our version of masses. We have those on a weekly basis. I know many Catholics who only go to mass on Easter and Christmas. The sacrament is there to remind us weekly of commandments and such

They have a weekly program they sing for every Sunday called ‘The Spoken Word’ They sing for general conference, which is our semiannual conference and many other nation tours and such.

Christians who do that are called CEO’s (Christmas and Easter Only). There are a lot of them, and they really crowd up the churches. One good thing - the collection is usually HUGE on those days!:slight_smile:

I googled the Cathedral of the Madeleine and it is GORGEOUS. Thanks! Do you know why they changed the name from St. Mary Magdalene to Madeleine? It looks like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings there.

A Celebration in Sacred Song: Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Saturday 18 April 2009 8:00 PM
Sunday 19 April 2009 8:00 PM

In anticipation of the centennial of the Cathedral of the Madeleine o August 15, 2009, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, joined by Tabernacle organists Richard Elliott, ClayChristiansen and Andrew Unsworth andunder the direction of Mack Wilberg, return for two historic concerts in celebration of the cathedral’s first 100 years. Note: Tickets for these free concerts have been distributed; however, a standby line will be formed on the cathedral’s front steps for any available seating not claimed by ticket holders by 7:45 PM for each concert.

from: saltlakecathedral.org/

Ya when I have attended mass before and there are so many people there on CEO days. haha.

One recommendation for you, you should listen to Alex Boye’s music on Itunes or something and try to do a little research on him. He is man from African decent from England. His conversion story was incredible, and his music is even better. He does solo music on top of MoTab(Mormon Tabernacle Choir) stint.

I’ll check him out - thanks!

One of the big things I missed when I was a Mormon was Easter and Holy week. I remember one year General Conference fell on Easter weeked and other than a mention of the holiday it was pretty much ignored. I vaguely recall having to fast Sunday fall on Easter (March/General conference mixed). I was silently freaking out. Christmas is barely on the radar as well - stakewide Natavity exhibit, General Authorities presentation the first weekend and a mention at Sacrament meeting with lessons during Relief Society/Priesthood/Primary. However, pioneer days with groups recreating the trek westward or the pagents celebrating events/people of LDS history get tons of recognition. Even the Sacrament celebrated every Sunday (sans a conference) is about renewing baptismal convenants and not recalling or celebrating the passion of Christ in a strict sense. For a Church that claims Jesus as it’s literal middle name - commereration of his life is pushed to the sides.

Here is a detailed bio of him… Hope you like it!! Let me know…


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