observing breastfeeding

Is it ok for a man to observe a lady who is not his wife(I’m single) breastfeeding. I find it fascinating the intimacy between mother and child. There is so much written of it in scripture. God uses this picture to express his love for us. Ive often commented to a lady who was breastfeeding her baby how good it was to see a woman breastfeeding her baby and she thanked me for it.

I hate to say it, and I really mean no offense here, but even if you do have pure intentions, I think it’s going to come off as creepy to many women.


I concur. It would have creeped me out completely, no matter how pure and heartfelt the sentiments.


I think you’ve watched too much television where boobage is displayed as an open commodity for all men to view. Not reality. Only a figment of a perverted mentality.

breastfeeding is beautiful, but you should not be looking at a woman’s breast that is not your wife’s. usually most of the breast is shielded from view when nursing, but still – wait until you are married and have fathered a child and can enjoying watch your own child feeding at your wife’s breast – the love for both should be overwhelming and any arousal you feel will be hopefully properly bounded by love and purity.

C’mon. That is placed there for sexual lust. This guy is talking about a physical function of the human body. I got a chuckle out of this thread because when my brothers young teens my cousin was born and my aunt was brestfeeding. All of them didn’t understand and really wanted to see. They didn’t understand why the baby wanted my aunt, and wanted to know how it “stayed attached” and to see if her breast shrunk when the baby was “getting milk out”. They were amazed in a non sexual way and my mom and aunt let them see as much as they thought was prudent.

That being said, you’ll have to wait, buddy, until you have a wife…no matter how beautiful and non-sexual you think it is.

I think it may be ok to notice and even say something positive… but don’t stare after that or it will probably creep them out :slight_smile:

You mean like “Your baby looks very well fed”?

Glance, smile – fine. Watch? No. That sort of implies that you’re sitting there for an extended period of time, which would creep me out.

I never did too much nursing out in public, but when I did, I was always a little self-conscious about the beginning and end of feedings, when you’re most likely to be exposed. So if I felt someone was watching me, it would be upsetting.

No but that’s funny :slight_smile:

My wife breastfed all of our 4 sons and since then there are times when I have been out somewhere and noticed someone breastfeeding and I would make a positive comment like “my wife breastfed all of our sons, that’s such a wonderful commitment you are making for your child I know it’s a lot work” or something similar. In most cases mentioning that my wife had bf all our children as an ice breaker.

When I said don’t stare I mean that you can tell someone is bfing and not look at their breasts in almost all cases. No need to stare, you don’t want to make them uncomfortable, you want to encourage the practice by letting them know you approve and aren’t offended (because some people are). If it looks like you are sizing them up, that’s not something most women want experience while feeding their child.

My 2 cents…


I’m a mom who breastfed 3 children and still get misty-eyed and experience let-down when seeing another woman breastfeed. I could watch a nursing baby for hours and I’m sure there are men who feel the same.

I’ve had a couple of instances while I breastfed when a cousin and a family friend have moved the receiving blanket to see the baby, not realizing that I was, in fact, nursing at the time. Getting caught in the shower would have embarrassed me but that didn’t. I’d never take offense at the OP’s observing, although it might creep me out if it persisted.


The woman wasn’t being modest enough if you could see anything - that’s what those little blankets are for. You should not be looking closely at any woman’s breast who isn’t your wife. And she should not be exposing the act to any curious glances.

No there is nothing to ashamed of, but the breasts are sexual for both men and women.

My wife couldn’t breast feed our children. We still wonder if the attempts to do so with our first son lead to some of his health issues. She had an emergancy C section after 30 hours of labor (the doctor kept pushing for “all natural”). After the C section she was drugged up for the pain - drugs that she passed through her milk to our son. The nurses “insisted” that she breast feed even though our son would immediately fall asleep after latching on. He would wake up 20 minutes later screaming in hunger - feed for a few minutes then be knocked out by the drugs. After two days of this I told the nurse to bring a ******* bottle and let’s feed this kid. After two days of nonstop screaming he settled down and became a happy baby after one good feeding.

Thank you for this! As a breastfeeding mother, I can tell you that it is always wonderful to have someone say something positive.

I agree- ‘observing’- which to me sort of means staring for an extended period of time- would creep me out.

Glancing, smiling, making a nice comment about how it’s wonderful to see that women are breastfeeding in public, how wonderful breastfeeding is, etc. All fine.

First of all, you can not assume that just because a woman is breasfeeding in public she is comfortable with it. For all you know, she had a long day, missed her bus and had no other choice and is already humiliated enough.

Secondly, ask yourself this question, if you had a wife and she was breasfeeding in public how would you like it if other men commented about it? Especially if you were not around.

And lastly, as a single woman, I would get turned off by you walking up to women and commenting to them ‘Oh how nice that you breast feed’. I want my future husband to save those comments for me.

I am often in public and I see people treat their kids in a positive manner (ie telling them to clean up their language) and I think to myself ‘It is so nice to see some people still care to teach their child right from wrong’. I would never dare say anything to the parent. After all, it is their business



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