Obsessed with latinos



i am curious about why muslims are so obsessed with latinos… i have seen several articles on muslim webforums, been targeted by an islamic organization in college, and now i see on yet another islamic webforum there are posts about converting latinos to islam, especially latinas.

it is very degrading to be targeted for anything (especially temptation) as a member of an ethnicity. i feel kind of hunted…

why is there such an obsession over latinos?

que Dios te bendiga


I would say because Latin countries are basically 3rd world and not everyone can get the education we do here in the US. I come from Mexico and Mexico has lost many Catholics to other religions because many are poor and don’t have access to education, and many are so poorly catechized that they fall for anything.

A perfect example, my MIL fell for the JWs, and one of my SILs’ used to be a catechist and fell for them too… it’s called ignorance, poor education and being naive.


And Latinos comprise a greater percentage of Catholics.


I hate to sound paranoid but I would think that there is possibly some basis in that they can get across the Mexican US border easier with a Latina, people would assume they are Latino that way. I would be very very leary of any Muslim men that approach you Jayda.


umm… from what you are saying i’m probably not what you have in mind as a mexican…

i am married with two children and we are expecting again… so i am weary of any men that ‘approach’ me

i really do not think this is an immigration issue… muslims would have to be very ignorant of our national attitude towards immigrants if they thought attaching themselves to mexicans would be an easy way to get into the United States…

besides this is from muslims both inside the US and outside… and against latinos both inside and outside the United States i think it has something to do with trying to tear away our Catholic identity, like for sport… it is kind of sickening…

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Islam allows Muslim men to marry non-Muslim women. But Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslim men. All children from a mulim/non-muslim marriage must be raised as Muslims.

It’s a way to bring more non-Muslims into Islam. A wife is very likely to convert to the religion of her husband, especially when her husband and children are following a religion like Islam that consumes much of a person’s life.

Why are Muslims going after Latinos in particular? They are going after everyone world wide. It’s not just Latinos.


Yes, I tend to agree that Muslims are indeed “going after” everyone irrespective of race or nationality.




si, they are going after everyone, but there is some kind of recent obsession with latinos. i mean how do you interpret websites like these?


i highly doubt their motto ‘"¡Puro Latino! ¡Puro Islam! ¡A su LADO!"’ is for everybody

if this is for everyone world wide are they promising islam will make everybody a latino per the motto?

how come there aren’t any websites specifically dedicated to converting white people, or specifically targeting the conversion of asian people?

it is creepy…

que Dios te bendiga



It might just be that they see potential in Latin American communities based on the success of other religious evangelical movements.

From what I understand, haven’t the Pentacostals, Mormons, and Evangelical Protestants had some success in Mexico as well?

I think I have even read that the Bahá’í faith has done well in Mexico (by whatever standards they base that on).

My guess is that there is a very simple answer. The Muslims see these other religious groups making inroads in Mexican society (both in Mexico and the United States) and they figure that they might as well try it.

It is a little odd though as Islam is more similar to the Jewish faith in that they are not by nature evangelical (they don’t necessarily believe in proselytizing nonbelievers).


But it’s not just us Mexican’s other religions target. Most Latinos are Catholic, and believe me, the many JWs I know (who are from DH’s congregation) are from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, and many other S. American countries. As I said before, they target the Latino Catholic countries because of the lack of education. When someone is not educated enough, they fall for lies very easily.

It’s not just Islam, many religions have gone to Mexico, South & Central America because they are easy targets.


Assuming that you are right and that this is not just a matter of perspective (i.e., they are targeting everyone but since you are experiencing it you think you are being singled out), I think it’s probably because Latinos are a fast-growing part of the world (and U.S.) population–you have a large number of young people and no doubt Muslims (themselves prolific with many young people) see you as natural allies against the decadent North/West (i.e., people like me!). Furthermore, demographically you are more of a threat to them than we are. Frankly, I put my hope in Latinos to stop Islam from taking over the world in the long term! OK, that’s exaggerated!



Those two websites are owned by Hispanic Muslims however Jayda, so it’s not surprising that Hispanics are given more attention within them. You can find similar Muslims websites made by people of other races/nationalities too.

I’ve honestly never perceived any particular attention being paid to Hispanics by Muslims who aren’t Hispanic themselves. If anything the race given more attention from Muslims as a whole would be blacks, but that’s primarily due to the Nation of Islam situation, and trying to bring them into ‘real’ Islam.


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