Obstinate in Venial sin

If one continues to commit venial sin with obstinance and refusal to repent does this lead to a mortal sin for being obstinate? I’m not talking about repeated venial sins becoming mortal but whether or not the attitude/intention to keep sinning venially is a mortal sin? I hope my question is clear… thank you!

No, not at all. What is venial remains venial. If you die unrepentant from a million venial sins, but no mortal sins (having been baptized, so you die in the state of grace), you go to Purgatory, then Heaven.

On the other hand, why not strive to at least be sorry for past venial sins, even if you keep falling into them?

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No, never. A thousand, a million venial sins will never add up to a mortal sin. Even if you’re obstinate and unrepentant, venial sin is venial sin. It may earn you a bonus stay in purgatory, but it will never, ever add up to mortal sin, and don’t let any posters here tell you otherwise (they exist, so watch for them; they are often not the best-catechized here). Even the obstinacy and refusal to repent of venial sin is itself not grave matter.

That said: it’s still not a good idea. Obstinate and repeated unrepented venial sin disposes you little by little, to eventually commit mortal sin, and this persistence in unrepented venial sin has the danger of forming a “callous” on your conscience, which may also mean the horror of mortal sin may be lost on you, making you more resistant to grace, and possibly dying in that state. That is the danger. Not so much because repeated venial sin will add up to mortal sin, but because you can be so weakened that you will commit a mortal sin.

That’s why even venial sin must be fought against.


No. Venial sin cannot possibly put you in hell. It can, however, predispose you for mortal sin,
and put your soul in danger. For more, read this St. Anselm’s sermons on sin and judgement.

My understanding is that eventually the soul who continually commits venial sins diliberately with full consent and lacking sorrow loses the Special Grace necessary to resist mortal sin. I believe The council of Trent anathemises those who say mortal sin can be resisted without a Special Grace. So if you don’t want to be overcome by temptations which will lead you to mortal sin, don’t commit any deliberate and intentional venial sins, but if you do, have sincere repentance and a firm resolution to not fall into those sins again. Do all you can to avoid any sin, including the smallest venial sins.

‘Moreover, know that just as all mortal sins are very serious, so too a venial sin is made mortal if a human being delights in it with the intention of persevering.’

Our Lord Jesus Christ, ‘The Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden’

‘Venial sin becomes mortal sin when one approves it as an end. . .’
St. Thomas Aq

‘Venial sin becomes mortal sin because of one’s contempt, as I have said before.’
St. Thomas Aquinas


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