"Obtain Anything you ask through the Rosary"


Wow. That’s a pretty big promise that Mary gave to us.

What if I ask for an ice cream sundae?

What I’m asking I guess is what exactly that promise means. There are lots of things (not material) that I want to ask for through the Rosary because of that promise, but I don’t really honestly think I’ll get everything I ask for.
What does that promise mean then?
Will I not get what I ask for because I don’t honestly believe that I’ll get it?


I think of it like a child asking a parent for candy. Sometimes, no matter how good you are, how much work you have done, and how entitled to something you think you are sometimes the wiser adult says “no” because he/she knows what is best for you. Or, instead of candy the youngster gets a heaping spoonful of vegetables.

The same goes for asking for things through the rosary. You can ask for anything, but God will only give give you what your truly need and in the manner He sees fit. It may not be the way you expect or even want, but His ways are not our ways. So while we may think some of our needs are truly great and pressing and deserving of all God’s attention, He knows better. I truly believe that God hears and answers all prayers, but we have to have faith and an open heart to accept His reply.

I wrote a little meditation about asking for miracles which is somewhat related:


Jesus, when making the promise of ‘whatever two of you on agree to ask the Father … it will be granted them’ is careful to add the words ‘IN MY NAME’.

Which is more than just a nice-sounding formula - it means asking as Jesus would - ie for what is according to God’s will.

The same should be read into such promises of Our Lady as this one.


It’s possible to get everything you pray for. The below post is an old one I made on the same question-
My understanding is prayers are more powerful with more faith. Also the holier you become the more united your will becomes with God’s. So when your very holy your prayer is more likely to be what God wants and your faith more lively and effective.
Then again holy people usually pray God’s will be done. Jesus showed us how to pray in the garden, " …nevertheless not my will but thine be done." We should add this clause after our intention. This way we can be sure our request will always be granted. At least Gods will, will be done.:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Mary never requests anything that is against God’s Will. Hence, you can obtain anything you ask for, if it is in accordance to God’s Will. “Not my will, but Your Will, be done!”


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