OC, CA Bishop Tod Brown to Retire today - Replacement to be announced


By the time many of you read this the replacement may have been named. But since this semi-unfriendly article quotes a man who is suing the Church on behalf of certain plaintiffs - as an expert who might speculate as to Brown’s successor; I thought I’d chime in while I have the chance.

I’d like this Diocese of 1.2 million people to have a high profile courageous leader in the style of Peoria Bishop Daniel Jenky or perhaps a surprise promotion to Bishop of Priests for Life
leader Fr. Frank Pavone.

Without naming other names a promotion from the ranks of the Norbertine Fathers who have been a holy presence and a godsend from their Abbey in South Orange County would be a nice pick and a balance with the current diocesan priests.

Fr. Robert Spitzer, the former Gonzaga University President, who has an office in Orange County per his association with the Magis (MAH-jis) Institute in Irvine, CA would seem to be another fine pick (per me)!

Whoever it is, may the Lord bless him and us.

Orange County is ripe for a new Pentecost. So I favor a holy man with zeal and holiness as his top priority. Each of the above men I “nominated” have different skills, but each would make an excellent Bishop of Orange. Archbishop? Cardinal?

According to the website, Catholic-Hierarchy.org, the Norbertines have had only one bishop in their 900 years of existence. He was a titular bishop of Dusa.

According to Rocco Palmo, at Whispers in the Loggia, the announcement of Bishop Brown’s replacement is expected at noon in Rome. That would be 3 AM in California.

Whispers in the Loggia reports that the new bishop is Kevin Vann, currently bishop of Fort Worth.

Over recent years, it’s hard to think of a national project in which Bishop Kevin Vann hasn’t been intimately involved.

From serving on the three-member USCCB team that oversaw the Stateside implementation of Anglicanorum coetibus and mediating the bench’s oft-delicate relations with the nation’s Catholic hospitals, to filing suit against the Federal government over the contraceptive mandate of the Obama administration’s sweeping health-care reform, the 61 year-old prelate has cris-crossed considerably more ecclesial turf than the sprawling 28 counties of Northwest Texas he’s overseen since 2005.

This morning, the Pope named the energetic head of the booming Fort Worth church to lead the diocese of Orange, succeeding Bishop Tod Brown at the helm of the 1.3 million-member fold in Los Angeles’ southern suburbs.


Apparently, Bishop Vann is a blogger :slight_smile:

yep, It’s Bishop Vann of Fort Worth.

(I just posted today’s changes in another thread.)

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