Ocasio Cortez Could Be VOTED OUT On Tuesday, A Centrist Democrat MAY Actually Win

LOL…”centrist” and “Democrat” are two words not often seen next to each other in this CAF category…I’ll pop the corn for the “Ya, but…” discussion!

Relatively speaking.

Explain, please, the term Centrist Democrat

Tim Poole describes himself as someone on the Left who abhors what he sees as the Left going to the extremes in following the philosophy of identity politics.

He believes most Democrats do not support identity politics but that the leadership is pandering too much to it which is hurting the party.

To Tim Poole a centrist Democrat is one like himself who supports the Democratic party but who also sees identity politics as very divisive and something that should be rejected.


So he’s not “Off the deep end” like Cortez?

Well he said in the video that he donated to Cortez’s Democratic challenger. He doesn’t like Cortez at all and he thinks Sander’s socialist stance is not realistic.

During the primaries he spoke in favour of Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard.

He liked Andrew’s thoughts on new technologies and the rearrangement of society to fit in with this although he pulled back from Yang’s call for a universal income.

He liked Tulsi Gabbard’s foreign policy with regards to withdrawing troops from areas of conflicts that have happened in the last couple of decades.

I think they both supported universal healthcare and climate change action which i think Tim Poole also supports.

He also is in favour of free speech and wants the Left to champion this as he believes they historically have. He also believes ‘classic liberals’ are tolerant and the Progressive Left have gone away from those principles. Tim has also recently moved to be more sympathetic in supporting the 2nd amendment (during the pandemic) and last week a Conservative broadcaster had Tim on his show and made a gift of a firearm to him which Tim accepted.


So was the election yesterday or next Tuesday? The CNN article is confusing. The headline says AOC wins, but the first sentence is more like a prediction.

They always project winners before the last votes are counted. With 72.6% of the votes, that’s reasonable.

There may be “centerist Democrats” in terms of economic policy, but when it comes to mass killing of unborn children, they’re all on the fascist side of things. One could reasonably suspect Cuomo of Euthanasia, sending Covid patients into nursing homes. Might as well have dropped baskets of cobras in there. What’s the problem that needed to be solved by sending Covid patients there? Too many “useless eaters”? Too much state money going into Medicaid?


Sad to say, I thought of this too! I also thought China had a problem taking care of the elderly so they used Covid-19 to sort of ease the problem… it was all a money game, IMHO! That was just my ‘conspiracy theorist’ speaking voice…


I have 2 friends who are 81 and 85. The 85 year old goes out daily to Goodwill,
the Dollar Stores, Wal-Mart. She goes out to eat at restaurants with friends and she goes to Sprouts for groceries. She seems to be defying what all the doctors
and scientists say. The only place she hasn’t returned is Mass. My other friend who is 81 does her fair share of going out in public places as well, but she also attends daily Mass and Sunday Mass.

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Well that was a bust OP. She won by a substantial margin


Your friends are probably in relatively good health.

Perhaps going outside and mingling helps sustain their good health?

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I don’t know. They must have good immune systems.

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Well, that headline’s not a bit slanted, is it! :rofl:

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Just a little bit. :smiley:

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Proof Tim Poole has no idea what he’s talking about. He should stick to analysing the Right. Good Lord. Or maybe he does know and is just performing propaganda; who knows. Anyone who followed the Dem primary even half-way seriously would not say something so dumb.

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