Ocasio-Cortez draws ire from Democrats: ‘Meteors fizz out’



Bummer. She was on a roll. I think she should run for President.


Obama’s meteor didn’t seem to fizz out.


Right, she is a female Hispanic Obama, the savior of the DNC.


I wouldn’t trust the judgement of Democrats who ignored Bernie despite his massive popularity with young voters. Bernie told his supporters to keep the movement going by running for office themselves and that is what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has done.

She’s the liberal version of a Tea Party candidate, only much much better looking. :star_struck:


And by her own embarrassing admission, doesn’t know anything about Israel and Palestine, despite offering her opinion on the matter. A real winner.


Too bad the alt-Reich stole Garland’s Supreme Court seat. We could have gotten them to rule that the Constitution’s age requirements are unConstitutional.


She also thinks unemployment is low “because everyone has two jobs.” :laughing::rofl:


Obama was thought to be “cool”.

But now Obama is in Kenya … maybe he will extend his vacation.


She still thinks she is an undergraduate.


Or even better, the constitution is then ruled unConstitutional. Ocasio-Cortez is entitled to the Presidency as a female member of an under-represented oppressed by white male bigots group (broadly aka Amerika). Sanders for VP. The electoral college is deemed to serve the interest and bias of white trash and is abolished. :sunglasses::heart_eyes: Strzok for head of DOJ.


Meteors also kill dinosaurs. I’m glad corporate Democrats are scared and am excited that actual leftists are making moves to take over the party.


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