ocassion of sin

is not avoiding the occasion of sin a sin in itself? what if you say to yourself “i will control myself” and you do manage to control yourself?

Damn good luck with that!! Russian roulette comes readily to mind. No sin - yet! God Bless.

It’s reckless, yes, but if you truly vow not to sin and you didn’t place yourself in the occasion of sin, I don’t think you sin unless you wanted to sin or if you committed the sin you were in the occasion of. At least that’s what I was always told.

I was always told (& i do believe it is in the catechism somewhere), that we are to avoid the occasion of sin ie. not to allow/encourage ourselves to be tempted. Of course you have to be aware that whatever situation could be an occasion of sin. Otherwise it seems one is engaging in risky behaviour.

Yes it can be sinful…

We are obliged actually to avoid “near occasions” of mortal sin (usually the focus is on such in this sort of question).

A near occasion of mortal sin is such where one would generally or always fall in general. Due to the thing itself or ones particular weakness.

(And I would think too one would add that in addition to such – or when one will fall now even though in the past one normally does not.)

Though there can be good reasons to be in them…ones confessor can guide one.


I found this link:


after seeing your post I was just wondering your thoughts on it?

It makes me feel much better.

A near occasion of mortal sin --lets say the sin of murder (to pick one that is not usual)- is** not the sin** of* murder* itself. It is a near occasion to commit that sin of murder.

But it may or may not be sinful to be in or remain in that “near occasion” to that mortal sin.

Oh, ok, just wondering about your thoughts. Thanks for replying. :slight_smile:

Your welcome -and the thoughts are not just my thoughts :slight_smile:

there are useless ocassions of sin: “im going to watch this porn and not have impure toughts and feelings” which is sinful.
now there are unavoidable ocassions of sin: “I’m a cop and Im going to check this porn sites because it is part of my job to stop criminals” which is not sinful.

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