occasion of sin

do i have to avoid my boyfriend? every time we hang out he gets flirty and says he doesnt think a, b and c is a sin. i am pregnant and he wants to be involved and he helps me out with things. what do i do?

I’m not completely sure… It is however wrong for him to want help you for the wrong things. He CAN help you of course, but I think you have to make him understand that you don’t want to go as far as a,b and c (as you put it) and only want to go there when you’re ready, after marriage.

You should really talk to a priest about this, but I think your instincts are correct. You should avoid the occasion of sin. But if you lay down the law and tell him where the lines are drawn and you can think he will follow them then it would not be putting you in the occasion of sin anymore.

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