Occult hand signs

I came across this web site recently: thestillman.com/stillmanfiles/2013/08/occult-hand-signs-and-the-cult-of-mary/

These hand signs are used often in catholic art. Is there an explanation for why this hand gesture appears so often in Catholic art?

This person is a big time conspiracy theorist. They seem to believe that almost everything is Satanic. They even accuse well known Christians like Mariano Rivera of being involved in the occult. I would not give them much merit.

Just like the “illuminati” I would also not give them much merit, conspiracy theorists are everywhere from birthers to truthers to illuminati believers.

Seems like a very common hand gesture.

But my question is, why does this hand gesture appear so much in Catholic artwork? Everything in art is intentional, and if it appears multiple times, that just hammers in the fact that it is intentional.


Don’t know who this guy in the link is, but the theory is so ridiculous, it’s laughable.

Stand in front of a mirror, throw your hand up in the air and watch what it looks like.
There is nothing to ponder. It’s just what your fingers do.

OP, why are you even reading that guy’s blog? :confused:

Spread your fingers apart note how the pinkie goes farther, relax your hand the pinkie naturally separates. Dude this person smoked a little to much one day and came up with this pile of smelly stuff.

Good grief! He cites Hislop as an authority. Hislop just made up stuff. That website is error on top of error & on & on.

Ignore that website & be careful what you read if you are easily disturbed.

This is the stuff of the tin foil hat.

When I tried to click on that site listed above, a notice came on that it was a malicious site and Norton antivirus blocked it.

You’re not missing anything. :rolleyes:

The blogger accuses Jack Chick of being in league with Rome. :whacky:

There’s crazy, and there’s bat-poop crazy.

That website is rubbish in term of trying to say even the Mother of God is using those hand signs! I don’t even know where to begin with those accusations.

It does prove one thing: Humans have hands with five fingers, depending on how you count the thumb.

What Do the Hand Gestures in Icons Mean? A classical Greco-Roman rhetorical tradition survives in Christian iconography by Daniel Esparza


Okay, now these I have seen, but not what the OP linked to.
Thanks for sharing this!

(1) The pictures in the link are, forgive me, incredibly silly. To post pictures of people waving or holding their hands up or even clapping, and to accuse such gestures of having some sort of secret connotation with regard to an ancient mystery religion, is to stretch credibility beyond what a reasonable person could accept. Hold up your own hand and see if your pinky doesn’t naturally drift away from your other fingers.

(2) It would be easiest, I think, if you found specific examples of art in regard to which you have questions. Off the top of my head, I would imagine a similar hand gesture to this is used when depicting the Lord Jesus, a Saint, a Bishop, or any number of other individuals engaged in giving a blessing to the viewer of the painting.

(3) Art is by nature incredibly symbolic. Be very, very careful when people insist that art has some sort of a symbolic meaning which the artist privately wanted to hide in plain sight. The fact is that anyone could find almost any meaning in something that is symbolic, and the potential to project erroneous interpretations is vast. The symbols in art often have their own context based on the school of art being employed, and to be ignorant of this context can lead to a nonsense understanding.

So, Tina Turner, Pope Francis, Elvis Presley, Pope Benedict, Gary Coleman, Richard Nixon, James Dean and the entire cast of Seinfeld are all in the same secret society? How do I sign up? :hmmm:

I think that folks who believe in similar conspiracies will say that just about every politician and celebrity has been recruited from an early age, and has basically been brainwashed by MKUltra-style mind control to do the bidding of their overlords. The second they step out of line, they get whacked.

I was hoping just being born with hands and fingers would be enough to qualify me.:shrug:

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