Occult symbols in Mormon temple!!!!


I recently learned that Mormons display occult symbols in their temples.:eek: I’ve always welcomed those who have knocked on my door. I love informing them of what catholics believe. This makes me very nervous though. I don’t think they realize the evil they are messing with, but satan does. Could I be letting in evil spirits that are attached to the missionaries because of their attendence at these temples? Should I bless my home with holy water before a visit? I hate to tell them to not come back. If anyone is knowlegdable about these things please let me know.


First of all what specific symbols are you referring to.
Secondly, Mormons, are christians and believe in Christ, I don’t think there is any harm in talking to them about the differences in your beliefs.


Actaully LDS being Christians is up for debate;)


I think that is unfair. The Mormons I have known do, indeed, believe in Christ. Isn’t that what a Christian is? Many religions believe in Christ even if it is not in the same sense that we Catholics do.


I agree.








yes, if you could be more specific it would help alot…and mormons are christians (got about 3 friends who are). They bealive in christ and always rant to me about how im going to hell because im not christian,

and lastly its not HOW you worship…but WHAT you worship that matters, so i could be doing a wiccan like ritual for the christian god, i would still be a christian right?


I suggest that you reasearch what exactly the LDS believe…about Jesus Christ and then come back and tell me that they are Christians:D


Hi, I learned from a mormon that there is a pentagram, the six pointed star, the All-seeing-eye ( isnt this freemason stuff?) Correct me if I am wrong. Also there are NO Crosses. I find that strange if indeed they are christian. This particular Mormons reason for this is " Because CHRISTIANITY puts their focus on death where as christ is life". Aren’t Mormons CHRISTIANS? Let me ask you this, If someone claimed to be mormon but didnt believe the specific things that make them a mormon, would he still be mormon? Applying the same logic, how can mormons be christian when their beliefs are so contrary to it? The only thing that I can think of is because they believe the bible has been altered , there was this “universal Apostacy” and our view of what a christian is is altered also,that mormons have the truth of what a real christian is. Im sure this can be called many things but one thing comes to my mind, False Prophet teaching a different Gospel.


I’m sorry, does not the definition of a christian mean-one who believes in Christ?
Do they or do they not believe in Christ?


BTW- shouldn’t you be in school? :slight_smile:


blessings 123, you are right to be careful. Check their history & theology. Any group that teaches the men become gods and the wifes will be admitted into their (the husbands) heaven provided she pleased him in this life, is a bunch of nuts. It does get more diabolical from that point on.

One of the things they teach is that Christ & Satan are equal.
But don’t take my word for it. Check out their teaching yourself. But DON’T let them in your house. They are wolves in sheeps clothing.


Yes, but please check out what they believe
about Christ. You will not like it.


Hello all- new member…

I couldn’t help but notice something about this post. Is Christianity a religion based on fear? I never thought so. The book does not seem to say to fear each other at all, but rather love each other intensly- and no matter what. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but we are to love our neighbors as ourselves.

So as to being afraid of letting someone in your home- if they bring with them an attachment to something your are afraid of- will not the Holy Spirit protect you? If you are washed in the blood of Christ, anything of that nature will not be able to stand the smell of you or your home. Maybe, even, the person will come away with a little of that scent and for a moment will be more distant from the fearful attachment. The instructions on caring for ‘the least of these’ never gave any disclaimers about what they needed or where they came from or what they believe. If you think it is right to let people into your home to witness to them, and you let people in with that spirit, God will protect you.

I have come across this with other Christians (Protestand and Catholic alike) and they seem so afraid when their God has promised them the ultimate protection-himself.

Just my 2 cents- take it for what it’s worth.


Mormons don’t believe that Christ was divine, so they don’t qualify as Christians.

Mormonism is a cult. Read about the Salamander Letters. Google it.


We must offer our greatest thanks and honor to Jesus. He gave up the position of God of this creation in the spirit to become a mortal man. …The true and living God is one and is without change. He was not born a helpless infant, nor learned obedience from the things which he suffered (Heb. 5:8). He could not be tempted of Satan as was Jesus and could not die and go to hell.

Papal Rome established worldwide religious and civil power. She was given power from Satan

The Trinity made the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost all forms of the same god. By adopting the pagan Trinity, Satan was assured that Christians would violate the first of the Ten Commandments.



Yes I totally agree. Love is so important. That’s why I never shut my door on a missionary. Im also extremely aware of the presence of evil spirits. Which actually are all around. Maybe it was a temptation. God wishes all to be saved. I was nervous because I know what its like to be oppressed by evil spirits and i didnt want the possiblity of having that happen. I think blessing my home will help me and saying prayers especially before a visit. Thanks for your 2 cents.:thumbsup:

God is Love.


WOW! What deception on the part of Mormons.


Great post, i couldn’t have said it better


Planet Kolob anyone?

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