Occupy Wall Street Hurting Local Jobs

Occupy Wall Street Knows Not What It Does Hurting Local Jobs

"Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) – Occupy Wall Street protests assailing income inequality, joblessness and big banks may have some unintended consequences. They’re hurting nearby merchants as police barricades deter shoppers.

“If this doesn’t stop soon I will be out of business,” said Marc Epstein, 53, president of Milk Street Cafe on Wall Street, less than a block from the New York Stock Exchange."


Now this is the definition of IRONY!

Like they care. These OWS are just a bunch of spoiled brats who never got a whooping by daddy when they were young. They appear to have absolutely no idea of the Law of Unintended Consequences, in fact, they seem completely incapable of connecting the dots between actions and consequences.

So this news source is reliable? Seeing as it’s owned by the current mayor of NYC? C’mon guys…really?

The Mayor who’s helping out the protests by allowing all sorts of illegal activity? The fact Bloomberg is even reporting it shows how bad the situation is.

Is the “obvious” news? The intent of the occupy movement to to hurt ANY business since to them all corporations are greedy, even the little guy.

Alright, the news article is a little bias, but here is a video with an interview with someone who works in newyork.


Read this morning that banks in New York city have been looking for reasons to leave the Big Apple for years due to high expenses. The protests provide more fuel to that idea. Ironically, it will probably by the pubic service unions of New York, which have been supporting the OWS movement, that will be hurt most by this departure.

“Wall Street Exodus Begins?”


From the article:

This is a good thing for America, but it ruinous for New York. The big apple’s “luxury city” revitalization has been built on the back of its one successful industry. If Wall Street leaves, New York will have a much bigger problem on its hand then a few hundred angry kids in Zucotti Park, and the state and municipal employee unions who are enthusiastically participating in OWS protests will face a Rhode Island style meltdown.

If not familiar with Rhode Islands financial dire straights ~

“Rhode Island: Athens of America?”


Couple that with the “millionaire’s tax” that New York recently enacted and I’m surprised many waited this long to pack their bags.

Sports teams don’t like coming to New York to play because of the tax.


I would like to go down there and form a counter protest movement called “Go home and shut up”. These people know this, and one explained that the local merchants were just as guilty as the banks. For Obama to support these people is shameful. They’re violent and destructive. Wait until businesses don’t rent out office space in the world trade center replacement buildings.

The man who built it thought that law firms and banks would move back up there, but if things continue on like this that won’t happen. Would you want to rent out prime real estate at a high rate if you had to deal with daily protests and the area looked like a slum?

And it may seem like I’m being harsh, but I don’t see these people as being honest at all. They have no plan except to try to terrorize a city until they get what they want.

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